Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Hair And Eyelashes

I had the pleasure of playing with this cutie patootie last night. It was a last minute favor for a girlfriend but the joke is on her, because I adore this little munchkin. She now knows how to feed herself. This was actually before things got super out of control. Ending in a bath because there was purple yogurt in her hair and eyelashes. She just smiled and giggled the entire time. If only we could all be that carefree!


Susan R said...

So cute....Auntie KK.

Kate Spears said...

she's adorable! yes i would love to reclaim that carefree attitude of my youth....stains? who cares! love your blog lady! xoxox

Molly said...

So cute!!! How fun, I just love babysitting!


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