Thursday, May 21, 2009

Two For The Price Of One

Last year I read on someones blog (forgive me- I don't remember where I read it or I would give you credit, you clever gal!!) that if you saved the root end of green onions and planted it, a new green onion would soon grow. I happened to be chopping up a few green onions that very day (in the summer I add them to all sorts of salads and dips). So I went out to an already full of herbs pot on my deck, shoved the little onion ends in the dirt, and waited for onions to grow. Except we have these crazy squirrels around here. They pull tomatoes and peppers off the plants, take one bite and leave them all over the deck. They will even throw them at people as they walk down the deck stairs. Crazy! Anyway, they dug up my mini green onion farm within weeks of being planted. And I forgot all about it. Until yesterday. When I went to weed out the pot to plant new herbs, I saw a few little green stems among all of the brown. I knew immediately what they were! My onions! I gingerly pulled one out and sure enough, it was a baby onion! I added it to my pizza last night. And was so proud of my baby onion that was essentially free! Here she is folks, the fruit of my labor (insert laughter!)....

And I took a picture of this succulent plant yesterday afternoon when I went to the farmers market to buy plants with my father. It serves no real purpose on my blog other than I think it looks neat.


Nichole said...

Sometimes if the onions get too big, they get bitter (as my brother found out the hard way).

I have the same cutting board - that's what prompted me to comment!

Little Bow Prep said...

Pretty picture!

the Preppy Princess said...

Oh it does serve a purpose, it makes us smile!


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