Thursday, May 7, 2009

Book Worm

Did y'all watch Elizabeth Edwards interview with Oprah today? It was a good interview and I still think she is a lovely woman. But I do not understand why she wrote this book. Why re-live it all over and over again in the media? I mean, for the most part the media was leaving y'all alone to live your lives in private and peace. But like my remarks towards Bristol in the below post, once you open this door, it will be nearly impossible to close. But I'm sure she has her reasons. I hope this brings her peace. I am always impressed by women like Elizabeth who are willing to work on forgiveness after such a horrible situation. I am not so sure I could be that strong and brave. Then again I have not been married for 30+ years (I couldn't be more single in all honesty) and as she said, there was a lot of love during those years. I mean, I would hope that I could come to a place of peace and sincere kindness with someone who did that to me. After a LOT of time and therapy. But I don't know that I could stay married. I hope it all works out for them. And I hope that this doesn't taint the lives of her entire family too.

On another note, I loved seeing their home! I love seeing any home. I mean, the basketball court in the barn did nothing for me. But you know, I don't like playing basketball so I am probably not the target audience there. Loved the play room though! So cute.

Did anyone catch another Elizabeth, Mrs. Hasselbeck, on Larry King last night? I didn't know she wrote a book about her GF diet because I do not watch The View. I am strongly anti The View, truth be told. But she is an adorable woman who appears to be really healthy. I've been trying to inch my way into a GF diet. Or as I like to call it, gluten lite. I might pick this up this weekend. Has anyone else read it/planning on reading it? Those who do live GF, do you have a favorite cookbook or recipe website?


Dugout Daisy said...

I'm going to buy Elizabeth's book cos I found out I'm allergic to wheat, so I might as well go Gluten free. I need to start buying recipes of that too. What's the reasoning for you going GF?
As soon as I get the book I'll let you know how it is!

Gracie Beth said...

I will be reading Elizabeth Edward's book poolside this summer! I love her even thought I hate her scumbag of a husband. I do not have enough willpower to do a gluten free diet.

Tickled Pink And Green said...

I saw the interview and in the beginning I thought "this is so weird" when they have the whole family greeting her...John included! It's like "Oh hello..there's Oprah..she's here to discuss all the dirty details about you John, and you're standing right here too" (WEIRD!)

Boy you can tell Elizabeth does NOT want to deal with that baby being his. That's the part of the interview she looked the most uncomfortable, although she's trying to act like it doesn't effect her. I think what she DOESN'T want to think about is that he could get together with Rielle AFTER she dies and they would have their own little 'continuation' of a family that was once hers. You know what I mean? I think the thought of that keeps her up at night. How could it not? She is a lion with her bear cubs when it comes to the "family." But let's face it, if the baby is his, then the baby is her children's half sister. Not a small matter!

Also you can tell she is furious with Rielle for going after John, and of course for that I don't blame her. I thought that whole thing about how you build up a marriage and a home and a family and then someone wants to come along and just take away everything you've worked so hard to build..I thought that was an excellent way to put it. Great interview and I can't wait to read the book. I thoroughly enjoyed Saving Graces. She's really a great writer.

Tippy said...

I dvr'd Oprah and watched it last night. I have always admired Elizabeth Edwards and I teared up during her interview (possibly pregnancy hormones on my part). She has a lovely way of looking at things. I'd want to kill him, but taking into account their 30 year marriage, how good of a father he's been, the fact that they endured the death of a child together (75% of marriages fail after losing a child) and her cancer being terminal must all be factors in staying with him. God bless her. I still think he's awful and I could barely stand to look at him during that part of the interview.

I saw Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Larry King. I like her, even if I disagree with her about 85% of the time on political issues. Her view of the world seems so myopic, and yet she also seems like a lovely caring person. Quite a dichotomy. I'm interested in reading her book. I don't have Celiac's disease, but it does sound like a healthy way to eat.

Enjoy your weekend!

Preppy from Bay said...

I totally agree with you regarding Elizabeth Edward's. Nothing more to say about the interview. She is a very lovely woman and she has a gorgeous house despite the basketball court.

Regarding Elizabeth H, my son has Celiac disease which she also has therefore we eat a very strict gluten free diet. I missed her interview on Larry, but will jump out to get her book. I'm not sure where you live but most if not all grocery stores carry gluten free products or have a gluten free section. Surprisingly, a lot of the products actually taste great! I've made all my step-sons birthday cakes with a gluten free cake mix, and every body loves it more than regular cake. I will email you with mom info re: gluten free if you would like, so I don't take up lots of room on you comment! Let me know.

B said...

I have been wanting to read Elizabeth Edwards's book actually. She has had to deal with a lot of difficult things in her life like losing her son and her husband's affiar, and I admire her for dealing with it (publicly at least)with a lot of grace. I agree with you, I don't know if I would be capable of such forgiveness,and I'm impressed that she seems to have started that process with John.

Prep School Girl said...

Ok, honestly, I think that Elizabeth is a disgusting talking (air) head for the republican party, but I have celiac, so I purchased the book.

I must say I was plesantly suprised! It has a lot of great info, not too many recipies though.

Like I said, I have celiac and I am also a strict vegan so I recommend the cook book "The Gluten Free Vegan" by Susan O'Brien. It has great, healthy recipes wether you are GF or not! Also, what keeps many people from going GF is the nasty bread and pasta. OK I have a solution!!!! Azna Gluten Free has the best bread! It is vegan GF, but you can't even tell. It has a great textur and taste. The bakery is in Cameron Park, Ca but you can purchase online at Azna has a great selection of cake, pizza etc as well.

As for the pasta, get to ancient harvest quinoa pasta. You can buy it at your local health food store, or at their website,

Hope I helped!!!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I think Elizabeth H is cute, even though I dont' agree with her views most of the time. I saw that she had written that book and didn't realize she was gluten-free. My mom is g-free (not by choice) so I actually got her that book for Mom's day...even though I had no clue if it was good or not! I'm glad to see some people like it!!! Good luck on your diet, I'm always trying new recipes that are g-free for my mother, so please share if you get any great ones!

the Preppy Princess said...

You know, I had the same conversation about Elizabeth Edwards with TQM yesterday...why? We think highly of her, but just don't get it.

Miss Janice said...

The whole story is sooooo strange! John Edwards...what a pity he ruined his reputation and career!


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