Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bad Business

Waaaaay back in August (13th to be exact) of 2008 I ordered several magazine subscriptions from LowPriceSubs. And I blogged about it. And several of y'all ordered subscriptions too. And then a whole bunch of nothing happened!

Months went by and I forgot about my order. Someone commented one day asking about my order because they still had yet to receive theirs. I lost the comment but went searching through my email for the confirmation. I knew I had to have to somewhere.

I found it and emailed the company asking what happened to my order. I sent this email on December 09, 2008. Nearly four months after my order.

And on December 30, 2009, the company finally emailed me back! They said that they were still processing my order. I paid via Paypal so I knew my transaction went through the very day of my order. Were they carving my magazine out of stone?

They must have been doing that above mentioned stone carving because do you know when the first subscription arrived? Guess? The end of last month! April! Count it....that's EIGHT months. Now, I will fully admit that these subscriptions were el cheapo. Super duper crazy cheap. But they took my money eight months ago. So long ago that I went ahead and ordered one of the magazines via another source. And am now getting double of this particular magazine. Which is a crazy huge waste.

And before you judge, keep your comments to yourself about how horrible magazines are for the environment. I know. I agree. But I LOVE them. Reading magazines and catalogs are one of my very favorite things to do. I find it so relaxing. Plus I get great recipes, decorating ideas and gift ideas. So they are bad. But I don't give a hoot. And I do put them in my blue recycle bin when I am finished. So that's better than sending them to a landfill at least.

Anyway, can you believe it took eight full months for the magazines to arrive?! Did any of y'all have a similar experience?


SplendidlyImperfect said...

I didn't order from them, but I have a suggestion for your magazines - after you're done reading them, instead of putting them in the recycling bin, round them up and donate them to your local retirement home or even hospital emergency room so they can be enjoyed again and again! This is how I assuage my guilt over the many magazine subscriptions that I have. They're not just for me, but for many who may not have enjoyed them otherwise or perhaps cannot afford them or possibly need a distraction/way to kill time. :)

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Ugggg, I know what you mean. If I order from one of those school clubs, it takes months and then one day, I say, where's my magazine, months later it shows up.

Just make sure you recycle the mags! That's what I do. I have a few binders of my favorite clippings of recipes, decor ideas, organization etc. and then I recycle the magazine. That way I never have a huge overload and the rest are doing decent for the environment!

Mrs. Everything said...

I don't know if mine took that long, but yes, it was well over 6 months before I started getting any. And now, my mailbox is filled with the stupid renewal requests. I've gotten 2 months worth... let me see if I even LIKE the mag before you ask me to renew!

Wila (aka Ali) said...

I (THINK) ordered Shape and Garden and Gun. Shape started coming a few months back, but no G&G. However, I did mysteriously start getting Women's Day...weird. I'm wondering if they subbed that for G&, no comparison :-(

Needs Help said...

I had a bad experience from some el cheapo magazine subscriptions. The first year was super cheap and then it automatically renewed them at practically no discount. After that I've decided to only subscribe through the actual magazine itself!

Miss Janice said...

This is one of the reasons I don't subscribe to magazines. I however do purchase waaaaay too many magazines every month. Subscription renewals coming 8 months before expiration dates simply gets on my nerves. I just buy them at the store!

Anonymous said...

I have received duplicates subscriptions before and called and explained the situation and they combined the subscription. see if customer service will do that for you.


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