Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mary Jane And Other Dumb News

I've got to tell you that I am sick and tired of hearing about several "big" news stories lately. There seriously must be something else going on in the world right now that we can talk about. Ugh. So to harp on the issues a little more, I thought I would talk about it on here.

*Legalizing Marijuana. Now I don't honestly care if it is legal or not. I do not believe that there are any studies proving that legalizing it will increase violence or addiction. I also do not believe it will cure the problem of overcrowded prisons as like less than 1% of prisoners are in jail for marijuana possession. Nor will it cure the economy by adding a tax. So really, it doesn't have any impact on my life personally. Legalize it or don't legalize it. I don't care. Just make up your minds so I can stop hearing about it.

*Miss America and Miss California and Miss Who Cares. Good golly....who the heck cares?! I am convinced all this drama was created by Donald Trump himself. He's beyond shady and gross!! I just know Trump had a meeting about how they could top last year's drama of having a beauty queen who was addicted to cocaine and acting trampy in bars. And they thought, what about if we have one girl who talks about being pro-hatred based on her love of religion and then have her also later reveal topless photos. That's a little yin-yang for ya! Again, I say, who cares. Who exactly is she representing? It's not like she works for the government. She works for Donald Trump, via the state of California. She wears a crown and cuts supermarket ribbons and looks good in a bikini. I'm perfectly fine with her various opinions and activities. She's a citizen and entitled to them. Do any of y'all know the beauty queen representing your own state (other than California)? Yeah, me neither. Ugh, get over it. Who cares? Let the girl wear her tiara in peace. She'll probably sign a TV deal by the end of the month. This is all just boosting icky Donald Trump's ego!

*Pig Flu. Honestly it is not any more dramatic than the other kinds of flu. It's just new and has a funny name. But the reality is that flu does kill thousands of Americans every year. Don't get me wrong, my heart does go out to those affected. And it is always good to be reminded to wash your hands and use antibac often. But I think it is being waaaaay over-dramatized in the media. Oh, and those face masks are pointless. Once you start breathing, moisture builds up on the inside of the mask. Making them useless against germs. A fashion statement, maybe. But germ protection, not so much.

*Bristol Palin's media blitz. Bristol, are you reading this? You are a damn fool for doing this media blitz!! For the most part, people respected your privacy. But you are the one hanging up your dirty laundry for all the world to see. And guess what? No one is going to respect any sort of privacy now. And several months ago you even admitted that preaching only abstinence is fools gold. It seriously doesn't matter now what your message is though. You are opening that media door and I'm telling you honey, that puppy is nearly impossible to close now. Don't get all angry in two months when you want to live your life in private and cameras are following your every move and saying rude things to you. Just remember that you willingly opened the door. Oooh child, unless you are a Heidi/Spencer type (and I suspect you are not), this will be a great regret in your life. Good luck, sugar! I give it until the end of summer before either Bristol or Levi ink a deal for a reality show. And a book to follow. I hope the show involves moose. I love moose. Alive though. Living moose are darn cute!

There, I feel better getting that off my chest. I'm so super excited for the Elizabeth Edwards interview today on Oprah! If for no other reason that I love seeing the inside of people's homes. I'm snoopy like that!


KathleenKMM said...

Ditto! Also, I love moose as well. I have a stuffed moose in my office. :)

Ink Obsession Designs said...

I'm really over the pig flu right now and definitely would be OK if I never heard about it again!

Unknown said...

Completely agree with each one. What are people thinking these days. Everyone's dirty laundry does not need to be put out there for the world to see.
I also read your post about Elizabeth Edwards. She has always seemed to be such a nice woman but I, personally think the book was in bad taste. I feel sorry for the children and how all of this will affect them in the future. John Edwards showed no respect for his wife or family by having a lengthy affair with that woman. He also, apparently didn't practice birth control. What a pathetic situation he caused for his family.

adozeneggs said...

Agreed, on just about everything.
But you can rest assured if Levi and Bristol get a reality tv show, it will involve dead moose. Most likely one of them posing with one.
On a happier note, did you see the pic I took of a live moose we came across on the side of the road near our house??? So cute, very fuzzy looking.
And I do prefer all animals alive.


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