Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rue Is At It Again

Just a reminder that Ruelala has two fun boutiques that opened this morning, Kate Spade and Vineyard Vines. I managed to resist shopping but both have some great deals if you are in the market for a little something new. If you are still without an "invite" just leave your email address in a comment. I won't post it, but will send you an invite. Or ask one of the other preppy bloggers who has offered the same. Just because it's invite only, doesn't mean we all can't have a coveted invite! It looks like Born and Dior are among the designers who have boutiques opening soon. And while Born shoes are not Bonannos as far as style goes, they are the most comfortable things ever. If you are planning a summer vaca with lots of walking on cobblestone streets and such, a pair of Born shoes is in your "must have" category. Happy shopping, friends!


Heather Henderson said...

Hurrah for VV!! I got the cutest aqua dress :)

Gracie Beth said...

I was a little bit disappointed with the VV boutique today! I thought they had a much better selection in men's.

Nikki Cogg said...

Saw your blog from Preppy 50, and I am a HUGE Rue La La fan! I had a reminder sent to me for Vineyard Vines and Kate Spade, I was on at 9:45 just waiting for the boutique to open. Haha, so glad someone else is in the "know". Have a great day!

Southern, Short, and Sweet said...

Will you send me an invite please? Thanks!


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