Monday, January 28, 2013

Well That Was A Shocker!


Well...I did NOT see last night on Downton coming!  At all!  Shock of all shocks for me.

But let me preface this by saying I have amazing willpower when it comes to television, books and movies.  During the Olympics, I literally watch and read no news for fear of ruining the experience of the end result.  Instead, I stay awake until 2AM to have that in the moment experience.  I don't want to know what you bought me for Christmas (though I do think clues are totally fun).  I LOVE surprise parties (I've been blessed with several).  I don't skip to the end of a book. 

Sadly, I do not have this same willpower when it comes to other aspects of my life. 

But I do not watch more than the previews on PBS.  I don't read ahead or check blogs of those I know have already watch the British version.  I like to be in the moment for whatever odd reason.

So I did not expect my very favorite, or er, I guess second favorite (Anna is my very favorite), character to be killed off.  And in such a flippin' dramatic way.  Holy me oh my...that was a big way for Lady Sybil to exit the show!

I was feeling actual, tangible anger towards the two doctors who just threw up their hands and were all like, oh yea, nothing we can do, good luck with that, and stood in the corner.  But the whole time, my cup runneth over and is never half empty except when I am woeful about being old self still believed she would live. 

Y'all...I cried.  Over a TV show.  But a really good TV show so it's OK, right?

Oh and did anyone catch the baby's name?  I don't think they mentioned it but perhaps my shock blocked me from hearing it. 

I can't wait for the battle over the baby's baptism.  That actually reminds me of present day America.  Some things have yet to change.

And yet again, Lady Mary proves herself to be a total brat.  She's so pretty but such a snot.  She is clearly not yet on board with a penny saved is a penny earned mentality.

Sybil's been dead for a minute and a half and I already miss her.

Someone please tell me if there are some joyful moments in this season.  So far, there's been a lot of doom and gloom.

Who am I kidding...I don't want to know.  So please don't give it away.  I'll just cross my fingers that Matthew saves the day, despite Mary's bratty demands, and the baby girl gets a name.


Preppy Mama said...

OMG! I was so not prepared for that last night! I cried too. Oh and Cora killed me with her goodbye to Sybil. I love this show!!

JulesTX said...

Totally took me by suprise too !

I do not recall hearing the new baby name. I was also tearing up when Cora was saying goodbye to Sybil.

Lady cold.

Casey said...

I cried....both times. Yes, I watched it online as it was airing in Britian. I hate surprises and suspense. I will try to find out what my presents are, and I will read spoilers. Anyhoodles, I had an inkling Sybil was going to die of a pregnancy-related problem, as I work in on a maternity floor of a hospital. My favorite line was Cora's speech about writing an apology to the local doctor for the way they treated him.

Flo said...

I cried and I even knew what was going to happen, I accidentally read a spoiler. Very sad episode. And no, they hadn't named her yet. Robert is going to be sleeping in the dog house for a while!

MCW said...

I was dying!!! Couldn't believe Cora died. I heard this season is rough!

WorthyStyle said...

No name for the baby yet. I will tell you that what is scary is that this disorder can still happen from time-to-time! Quite sad.

Ruth said...

I was in total shock and thrown off too.


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