Monday, January 28, 2013

Airport People Watching

Coming home from Florida before Christmas, I had a long layover in Orlando.  If you have a long layover, that's a good airport to be in.  They have the most spectacular people watching of all the airports.

Including but not limited to...
* Entire families wearing matching Disney themed t-shirts.
* More Mickey ears than you could ever dream possible.
* Boy/girlfriend couples who are good and grown toting around stuffed animals.
* Children on leashes.
* Families wearing matching family reunion t-shirts.  (Don't get me going on how insane I think those are with your name and personal information displayed for all to see.)
* Airport employees avoiding working and the boss and taking up the good seats that allow paying passengers to charge cell phones.
* Lines and lines of old people in wheelchairs.
* Tights...not even leggings...worn as pants.  TIGHTS!
* People screaming at the airline employees after the gate closes, even though they were paged several times and are toting Starbucks cups meaning they chose to get java and hold up a plane full of 200 other passengers and then have the nerve to get mad that the flight left without them.

But I am never brave enough to film any of that.

I did however manage to snap a pic of this fashion treasure on a woman in her 50's.  Those shoes that promise to make you lose weight but were discovered to not make a dang bit of difference other than make you look like you are wearing orthopedic shoes paired with some Toddlers and Tiaras style lace ruffle socks.  And of course, my favorite, leggings (which are NOT pants).

You saw it here first folks...this is quite possibly the new black.  And is no doubt coming to a TLC show in the very near future!


BroncoMom said...

You know it's to bad that in the blogging world that is not a button when you (the author) can hear me (the reader) SCREAMING with laughter! Finally someone brave enough to write the truth.

Kate said...

The only place for better people watching than the airport is Las Vegas (of course it's a way different crowd but so entertaining!)


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