Monday, January 21, 2013

Out With The Old Role And In With The New One

So yesterday I shared some big news that I have been holding close to my chest for several months.  I have a feeling I am going to go through some ups and downs during this transition.  Not being in the know, while freeing, will also feel strange.  I have been the first point of contact for just about everything over the last seven years.  I've also had the privilege to see some really amazing girls grow up into completely fabulous women and even a few into very dear friends. 

Advising has brought me to tears a lot.  But there have been some truly beautiful moments, too.  I have grown up so much during my tenure.  I had no idea what I was doing that first year.  But I worked hard.  I gave everything I had and then I gave more.  I can truly say that I did my best.  And while not often good enough, I know I did try.  The lessons will last me a lifetime.

Letting go will not be as easy as those not involved seem to think.  It has played such a major role in my daily life for a very long time.

But that's part of the process.  It will teach me.  I will grow.  And friends are forever.  Facebook ensures that, right?!

Lest you think I will have great big gobs of free time to finally sit back and relax, fear not.  I am not nearly as practical as you are thinking.  Those who know me in real life or have become dear bloggy friends know full well that I have a wicked case of Can't-Say-No-Itis. 

The next few years, I am giving more time to my beloved Junior League.  I think this is my ninth active year.  So that's a full decade as a Leaguer.  And I plan to go out with a bang.  I've quietly accepted a big position for the next two years. 

I'm nervous.  But excited for the challenge.  And the experience to continue working with some of the most spectacular women, who inspire me daily. 

My personal growth goals for the next season of volunteering are...

* Judge less.  Everyone has a story.
* Don't be snarky.  While amusing, it doesn't really accomplish anything.
* Listen more than I speak.  Everyone really just wants to be heard.
* Say thank you.  I feel gratitude all the time, but I often overlook the importance of sharing it.

Have y'all ever stepped down from a position that was a major aspect of your daily life, be it paid employment or volunteer?  Do you have any tips as I make this transition?  Because as happy as I am about this break from advising and new role in the League, I'm absolutely certain my heart will hurt a little as I let go of my old role. 


AEOT said...

Oooh, are you going to be President of said JL? If so, congrats on the new role!!!! That's amazing!

Katiellirb said...

Those are great goals! I love them all and am guilty of them all too. I should take a note from your playbook :) Congrats on the big assignment - i'm sure you'll rock it just like you did this last chapter!


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