Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Thoughts On Oprah's Lance Armstrong Interview


Who watched the Lance Armstrong interview with Oprah this week?

I sure as heck did!

Because I am a believer until the bitter end.  I believe in goodness until the proof is on my doorstep.  Like a fool.

I could care less about riding bikes.  And even about Lance, himself.  But I had the hardest time wrapping my mind around Lance getting away with doping for that many years, in that many high profile races, and with that many people around him.  I just didn't believe it.

So the interview was in two parts.  Want to know why?

Because Lance is a boooooring interview!

Good golly, he is not that exciting of a person.  He talks in circles.  Does a lot of the self ask questions.  You know, "Why did I do that?  Good questions.  ...."  Where he asks himself questions.  And just sort of talks forever to say absolutely nothing. 

Oprah must have been bored out of her gourd.  And annoyed.  She had to re-ask questions a good bit.  I'm sure she was thinking, "just answer the damn question so we can all go home, Lance!" 

And can't run in a 10K or the Chicago Marathon?  Who the heck cares?!  #richmaddiddrugsproblems  Grow up.  That's not a real problem.  Holy dumb complaint!

What annoyed me the most was how smug he was.  He had such a false humility about him.  Gag!

I don't believe he is sorry.  Not one skinny bit.

But that's just me.  I'm curious to know what others thought.  News media seemed rather praise-worthy of the interview but I am not sure if the praise was for Oprah, the topic or Lance. 


Tracee said...

I will admit not watching it all. You are right, it was boring. I watched the whole first interview and was so repulsed by his lack of Personal Responsibility and his lack of emotion. I truly believe he STILL thinks he didn't do anything wrong. In fact, I believe he said just that!

I saw clips and read about the second interview and was a tad relieved that he did show some emotions regarding his kids. Those triplets are 13 years old and spent their formative years with him on his bike...and doing drugs...cheating...because he felt he was entitled to. Gag.

Now, I will just tell you have I have a history with Lance and Livestrong. I was a contract event planner in Austin. I coordinated two events for them as they were just starting up. He was a complete D*ck. His people? Great people to work with. However, I never received payment for over 160 hours of work. Ouch! My fault for not waiting for the contract to be signed because their "attorney" was busy. It's okay though...I also was stiffed by Governor George and Laura Bush...or the State of Texas.

I do believe that Lance had a ball of steel (he lost one your know). That sport is so incredibly corrupted and I believe he will eventually roll over on the French in order to perhaps save face or a little of the money he earned.


Unknown said...

I too felt he was boring & seemed only bad that he was caught. The money & titles were a lot more important to him than his integrity. He got defensive when Oprah asked the yes/no questions & he would evade until he absolutely had to admit to wrong doing, I thought.I do hate it for his kids, & also for him. I can't imagine eeels fhow mortified he feels in public, after all he is just as human as the rest of us. Just my little opinion. Terri

The enchanted home said...

Didn't watch more than snippets, but I walked away with one thought...he is not sorry, not one bit.Only sorry he got caught! Happy Sunday to you.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I wanted to believe too. Hubs is a cyclist. Hits close to home. I saw no remorse. I think he believed he was above the law. I forgive him but he needs to work hard to compensate those he wronged. Sad sad story.

Casey said...

I also didn't watch it, and I couldn't care either. I believe he's doing the interview for the money since he lost his endorsements, etc. My sister thinks it's because he wants to compete again and therefore must admit the problem, show remorse, etc. Either way it's not truely sincere.

3 Peanuts said...

Worst interview EVER! He has so far to go. he is just mad that he got caught ...that is all. he showed ZERO remorse. Life is a journey...we make mistakes, we learn, we grow. His greed and his pride have made it so that he cannot learn and grow.

A long time ago, I read his biography and I liked him. But now I have no respect for him.

He could not even admit that he cheated. Really, Lance? He refers to a definition of cheating. he needs some serious counseling, soul searching and faith.


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