Monday, January 23, 2012

Unrest. Or Why It Grosses Me Out That Everyone Is Celebrating Joe Paterno.

I need to be honest here.  I was grossed out yesterday evening when I finally got online for the first time and saw a zillion posts on Facebook and Twitter regarding Joe Paterno's passing.  All, every single one, said something like "Despite the recent news, a legend has been lost."

I'm sorry, but knowing something horrible happened and doing nothing about sooo over-rides any sports records. 

Lives were destroyed and Joe Pa contributed.

I am sorry for his family.  And I certainly did not wish him any ill will.  At all.  But I think the celebrations are completely uncalled for given recent admissions. 

It all just made me feel so uneasy and sad that society thinks sports and entertainment success overrides rules and morals and general humanity.  People keep paying Lindsay Lohan, Michael Vick, Paris Hilton, and Charlie Sheen.  Why?  Why would you pay ex-cons whose biggest claim to fame is their ability to consume alcohol or abuse the innocent?

Again, I do wish Mr. Paterno and his family peace.  But a celebration of such chaotic proportions is completely insane.  How would you feel if "The Legend" ignored the fact that your child, relative or friend was abused instead of going to the police?


Nora said...

I totally agree with you!!!

Wendy said...

Joe Paterno did not turn blind eye. He followed the protocol that was in place. He reported it to his bosses and the campus police. Could he have done more? Yes he could've and he even expressed regret over not doing more. I would venture to guess that this black mark on a legacy broke his heart and contributed to his death. Over a 46 year career he positively impacted all of his players particularly those from single mother homes. He made sure they got an education beyond the football field and went out of his way to be there for them. The Penn State community is celebrating a life that deserves to be celebrated. Do you want to be remembered for one terrible mistake or for all the good you do in your life?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wendy. Many said that it was the separation of him and football..something that he loved..that also broke his heart. After he followed protocol, his bosses should have took the next step. He contributed plenty to Penn State football and to have one mistake ruin almost a 50 year legacy is unfair. One day, God forbid we make a mistake and judged harshly by society..

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Y'all are entitiled to your own opinions of course. But as someone who was abused as a child, I can tell you that I DISAGREE in all caps. He knew those children were continuing to be raped and abused after he followed protocol. I can't tell you how horrible- truly horrible and almost re-abused over and over again- it feels to have people tell me "but he goes to church and volunteers in the community and gives away so much money and ...." As if that makes it OK. I absolutely think this one very wrong outweighs everything else. My heart just breaks for those abused and told to get over it because those in the know did good for a sports program.

RiversideLilly said...

I agree completely with you. How he could continue to work with that evil abuser after knowing what he did? His first call should have been to the police and not University officials. In life we have choices to make. He made a very bad one and that has tarnished his legacy. At least he had a choice, the children did not.


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