Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hurry...Lilly Pulitzer Treat On Ruelala

I forgot all about the sale set to happen today girls or I would have posted a reminder yesterday.  But head over to Ruelala to take a look at their Lilly selection.  Tons of sunglasses, bags and dresses.  A few I loved but I am resisting until I lose some weight.  Plus, it's in the teens here right now.  I have many months before I can again dream of wearing my summer Lilly loves.

If you have never shopped Ruelala before, just click any image below or this link to sign yourself up.  They have limited time sales with just about every name brand you can think of for clothes, shoes, housewares and even vacations.  If nothing else, it's a  lot of fun to browse.


KatiePerk said...

I was pumped! I scored 2 elsa tops for $58 and 1 retails for $138.

Anonymous said...

I love that clutch and it would be fab for convention!

Lindsey said...

I ordered so many things. I kept thinking that I will pick my favorites and return the others, but sadly, I will probably keep it all.

Danielle said...

They had so much great stuff this time!!!

Barb said...

mark your calendar... MONDAY is the day to start voting for LP's new sorority lines :-) now's our chance!!


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