Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Facts About Me

OK so this is the follow up from the tag post on Monday.  That post was so long that I thought I better make the random facts a separate post.

1.  I was the face of a store brand baby food (like Gerber but for the store brand) when I was a baby.  My mother designed the label and I was a convenient model.  No one in my family thought to save a single piece of this as memorabilia though because it wasn't as much a big deal as it was easy access.

2.  I've never been on a planned weight loss diet.  I've thought about it but never actually done any of the fad diets or even diet plans out there.  I need one, mind you.  But I've not ever had the motivation to eat cabbage or all protein or any of the other ww plans out there.

3.  My appendages need to be even.  Meaning: if I touch one foot, I like to touch the other one too.  If someone bumps into me, I try to find a way to at least touch the other side if possible without looking like a wackadoo.  If I stretch one arm, I have to stretch the other arm.  If one hand is holding a glass that is ice cold or steaming hot, I like to at least touch the glass with the other hand so that they both feel the same sensation.  That's really weird, right?  I know!  Shhhh...don't tell anyone!

4.  I make my bed first thing in the morning.  Often I do it immediately as I get out of bed- before I leave the room.  And even if I am sick, I'll make it, go get meds and OJ and then get back into bed.  I just feel better when I get into a freshly made bed. 

5.  If I am feeling anxiety because my life is in chaos or my house is a wreck or my to do list is overflowing, I will either do laundry or vacuum.  Even if it solves nothing, at least my floor is clear and my towels are super fresh.  Both have an oddly calming effect on me.

6.  Bill Cosby used to film his pudding pop commercials in my neighborhood, on my friend's porch swing.  So our parents would take us over to watch (this was during the Cosby show years) because we were all fans.  Let me just tell you that he was NOT a nice man to his fans- big or little- when the cameras were turned off.

7.  I don't like cats.  I want to like them because they are so popular and every other friend looooves cats.  But I am just so hyper allergic and can't get over them standing on counters and going potty in a box inside the house and rubbing up against me...ew.  I'm very sorry if you love cats.  I really do want to see what you see.  I guess I am just a dog person through and through.

8.  I sleep on my tummy.  Sometimes I wake up on my back.  But never ever ever on my side.  I don't understand what one does with their arms when you sleep on your side.

9.  I organize my closet and armoire and fabric armoire like a retail store.  By style and color.  In the spring and summer months, it goes light to dark.  In fall and winter months, it goes dark to light.  Including my fabrics.  I also fold my shirts, sweaters and jeans exactly how I learned to fold them the summer I worked at the Gap in college.  And I fold fabric the way I learned to fold tablecloths while working at April Cornell, another college gig.

10.  When I was a kid (and by kid I mean straight through my senior year of high school), I dreamed of my first name being Ann.  Everyone can pronounce Ann.  Everyone can spell Ann.  Everyone likes the name Ann.  I cannot say the same for my first name.  Hence the nickname, KK. 

11.  The first thing I do when I get home is to take off my shoes.  I never wear shoes in my house.  Though in the winter I do wear fuzzy socks or slippers or moccasins.  It's cold in the North Pole!


Anonymous said...

I hear you about the difficult to pronounce first name - I love mine but there are days I reach my limit of correcting other people. Events with name tags are the worst for that!

Wifer said...

I am sad to hear that Bill Cosby is not friendly. I also get the first name issue. When I spell out my name I emphasize the vowels and people still spell it incorrectly

Susan R said...

Fun facts my friend. I laughed, but loved the equal time rule for the body. Thank you for not ever participating in a "planned" diet. There is not a planned diet around that does have some major flaws in it and I would not ever endorse or participate in one.
No shoes rule is the best. It's Hawaiian Style around my house too.

MCW said...

If your looking for a diet try Weight Watchers, it does help get things into perspective. Although I have lost more weight doing my own think lately.

I always make my bed. Always. Get up brush teeth, wash face then make bed.

The appendage thing is so interesting! I don't know how to even realize that!

REBrown said...

I'm the same way about making my bed and not wearing shoes. Everything just feels so much cleaner!

Kate said...

So with you on many of these, especially #8. Side sleeping seems so uncomfortable!

Laundry and vacuuming calm me down too. Clears my head!

Do you want to come organize my closet? ;) I want to organize by color. Going to try to tackle that next month


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