Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For My Sam

This little token of my love is headed down to greet my soon to be nephew, son of Bestie, Sam.  It's just a few baby boy treats, including Lilly Pulitzer fabrics of course!  Everyone wears Lilly in my world!  I forgot to take photos and actually cut open the box to at least take a photo of this much.  But the two bibs and one matching Burpee cloth are all in Lilly fabrics.  And I monogrammed the little tie onesie.

Here's hoping baby Sam loves it and me, even though we will be so many miles away from each other.

I love you Sam and can't wait to meet you!

Titi KK


Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

super cute and the perfect combo of cute but not too girly... I have issues mastering that sometimes... a bow isn't always the solution...

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

So cute--baby gifts are the most fun!

Buford Betty said...

Eeks I love it already! Heading to L&D as I type actually... Just texted you a bit ago. Sam already loves his TT KK!

REBrown said...

So cute! What a great Auntie you are.


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