Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Subscription To Martha Stewart Living

I post free things like this every once in a while if I think that y'all might like them.  And even if you won't admit it out loud, everyone has some sort of love for My Martha.  She's cold and emotionless, but she is also brilliant, creative and powerful.  I love her.  In that I can't stand her but think she's awesome sort of way. 

Click the image to request a FREE one year subscription to Martha Stewart Living.  I use this site regularly to get free magazine subscriptions and they never require credit card info.  I would never recommend it otherwise.  You do have to take a short (and in my opinion, sort of dumb) quiz that takes no more than three minutes.  Usually about watches or yogurt or something silly like that.  And a few weeks you should have a magazine in your mailbox!

This is likely to run out quickly so act fast!


Molly said...

I just signed up! Thanks for the link!

Tammy B said...

Thanks, I just signed up also.


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