Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Well That Was An Unfun Day

So my morning started out with phone calls that the squirrel's nest had been broken into.  Then by a zillion more calls and notes on the matter.  Then a visit to see the damage.  Which wasn't much other than the expense of re-securing the house- which is quite an expense for a non-profit group.  Not to mention a pain in my squirrel tail! 

Then dealing with the blog issues I've had going on for half a week now.  And have been driving me insane.  Literally.  I was just at the end of my rope. 

Then a visit to the vet (our regular 2 month visit) for glands and nails.  Where I could hear my fur baby crying all the way down the hall.  Poor thing.  She starts trembling as soon as we pass a certain point in the car as she recognizes the road to the vet's office.

Then home for a bubble bath because she stinks to the high heavens after leaving the vet.  Between the process and the junk they use to clean her tush, oy!  Gag me.  Giving an unwilling dog a bath is even less fun than visiting the vet, y'all!  It's a rather dreadful process for all involved.  We are both sopping wet in the end and both super grumpy. 

But...there is a silver lining.  Or perhaps a pleasant shade of gray. 

The nest is going to be OK, albeit a pain in my fanny for the rest of the summer.  The vet and bath are finished for the next two months.  AND...my blog issues have been resolved.  Now I am not entirely sure why they have resolved themselves.  But right now I am too mentally exhausted to figure it all out.  'Puters are just not my thing and I am grateful for some very kind strangers for so generously helping me. 

So tonight I will make some homemade gluten free pasta and call it a day.  Tomorrow is bound to be better.  I hope!


Wendy said...

That doesn't sound like a fun day! If it helps mine wasn't fun either. But finding a silver lining helps.

Katiellirb said...

Glad to hear the nest will be ok! And you deserve a medal for the vet too! :)

Landlocked Mermaid said...

you always have to keep looking on the brightside...right? and honey, I didn't know stink until I took a dog to get that gland situation remidied. I sympathtize with you xoxo

REBrown said...

Pasta fixes everything!

Anonymous said...

Is there something going around this week? Glad to hear the nest is okay and that you both made it through the vet visit.


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