Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sadie's Momma

Walking the dog last night, I ran into a neighbor and another fellow dog owner in the park.  After the dog owner and his dog, Reiley, left, the neighbor asked me his name.  To which I replied, "Reiley's dad." 

She was a bit thrown off but I explained that dog owners, while super friendly, rarely know each other's names.  Everyone is the dog's momma or daddy.  I'm not sure I had her convinced that this was normal.

So tell me fellow puppy mommas, do you do this too?  Do you know everyone in town who has a dog, but only by the dog's name?

I seriously have very dear walk the dog friends with whom I've been friends for years but have no clue what to call them.  It's all, "Heyyyy Fluffy's Momma!"  And it seems like it's just way beyond the point of acceptable behavior to introduce myself to someone I've been talking to for four years, right?


Ginny said...

I always do that! I even refer to the girlfriend of one pup's dad as Sophie's baby mama. Haha!

Wendy said...

I don't have dogs, or know many in the neighborhood, but it makes sense that you would only know the dogs name.

Katiellirb said...

I'm the same way! At the dog park, we are all "dog's name" Mom or Dad. Even when I tell my husband stories, I say, "I ran into Sadie's mom at the store."

Angela said...

I'm definitely Cromwell's mom and have no idea what Callie's dad or Thor's mom is named.

Susan R said...

Nope. I just met a dog owner yesterday (Mary) who walks her Golden (Annie) in front of my house everyday. After nearly 5 years of her walking by, I just met her. Pathetic.

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

yay for a cute Sadie picture! I think the name thing is totally a normal dog person thing =)

adozeneggs said...

Now, I never run into anyone with our dogs. We have four acres and a big field where they play and do their business.
But when we lived in Boston, we knew everyone as "Sunny's Mom" "Bartolo's Mom or Dad"
I even make up names for the dogs, one English Sheepdog in our neighborhood had a cone on for a while and he was FOREVER known to me as "Coney"


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