Friday, June 10, 2011

Casey Anthony

Is anyone else following this case?  I don't sit and watch the updates every day but have certainly paid attention since the beginning.  Which is unusual for me- I don't typically pay attention to court cases.  For whatever reason though, this bizarre situation has just captured my attention.

Everything about it dumbfounds me.

Waiting more than a month to tell anyone about your missing daughter.  I mean, even if you killed her, you had to know that someone would eventually notice, right?

The stone cold face.  The only time you ever see her get emotional is when she is yelling at her parents for not paying attention to her.

The grandparents.  I can't imagine being in their shoes.  They are worried about the little girl.  Confused and worried about their daughter.  Unable to deal with the reality (who could ever deal with that horror?).  Followed by the media and blamed for everything.  I know people think they are strange birds.  Maybe they are.  But I can't fathom how strange I might act in their shoes.

The "experts" on HLN (or as I refer to it, CNN's dumb ugly step child).  Like the guy who is always always in the exact same black shirt, black vest and black cowboy hat.

The 84 computer searched for chloroform.  I mean, we all google random stuff now and then but 84 similar searches is no accident.

But what fascinates me the most lately is the claim that the Caylee drown and the grandfather helped Casey cover it up.  When did it go from "Zany the nanny" to "I knew about the accident all along?"  And how could you bring your father into your mess too?  And why are the parents still standing by her, after her abuse claims?

I think she is just a flat out psychopath.  A truly scary person in a sweet, cute girl's body. 

Oh and can you even imagine getting called for jury duty only to find out this is your assigned case?  Talk about a weight of responsibility!


Wendy said...

I live about an hour west of where her trial is being held. Her jury pool was pulled from my area. We haven't been able to escape it here, from the initial search, to HLN and local stations, I have had Casey Anthony over load.
She has a borderline personality disorder in my opinion. And I blame her parents.... I don't think they are all there either.... It's just a sad situation all the way around.

Anonymous said...

I read a great book about Casey Anthony-can't remember the name but you would be shocked at what a liar she was---she lied about the baby daddy (said that he died), the pregnancy (i have ovary issues-but is 7 monts preg), and her job (did not work for two years). I think she lived at home for the most part, but you really wonder about her parents. They acted very clueless so you really have to wonder about them. Read teh book, very interesting.

Princess Freckles said...

I have been watching a bit too. She is such a sick b*tch, and honestly, I hope she fries. I just don't think people like her can ever be helped.


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