Friday, June 17, 2011

Celebrity Check In

* anyone at all surprised that these two didn't get married?  I cannot possibly imagine any 20-something wanting to live with an 80-something unless he is her grandfather.  The whole situation was had failure written all over it.

* So I flipped over to the forbidden fruit (RHNY) for about 10 minutes last night and here's what I learned.  Luann is still the snakiest ever.  She has, despite her continued claims, no class.  She is just rude and condescending and insulting and childish and full of herself and elitist and such a flippin' snob.  I turned it off.  I am sure they are all still ridiculous.  But for whatever reason, it bugs me most that that royal B still thinks she is just the bees knees.  She's not.  She's gross and a true mean girl!

* I think Sarah Ferguson's show aired this week but I forgot to watch.  Did anyone else see it?  Is it worth watching?  It looks sort of boring but I do love any royal tid-bits.

* And is anyone else surprised that the OW Network is really just re-runs of Dr. Phil (ew!) and D-list celeb reality shows?  Sort of disappointing in my opinion.

* So Josh and Anna Duggar had their second child.  Anna is only 22.  I cannot imagine being so young with two kids and a husband.  At 22, I still had a year left in college, was doing normal college/just after college kid things like going out to bars and concerts and the like, and my biggest worry was what to wear to class.  In their wedding vows, they promised to have as many children as possible.  I mean, I think you should do what you what within the realms of responsibility (read: I do not think 16 year olds should get to keep babies if they cannot properly provide for them.  Yup.  I said it.  And I will say it again.  I think there should be minimum standards for being a parent.).  And I certainly think that family is wonderful at caring for their children.  But I cannot imagine my life without all the experiences I had during my college years.  I know college isn't for everyone but it strikes me as so odd that so far, none of those kids have gone on to higher education of some sort.  I also think it's ridiculous to name every child with the same first letter. 

* And it wouldn't be a celeb blog post for me if I didn't throw in my permanent plea to Britney Spears to please please buy a hair brush.  And use it.


Suburban prep said...

In regards to the OWN network I am not surprised. I do not get it and I do not think that I would watch it even if I did.

In regards to the Duggars, I don't know really what to think. I think that it is up to the couple but it really should be within reason.

I am older than Anna Duggar who just had child #2. At 22 I had just graduated from college and was working in a city far from my home. I needed life experiences to be where I am now and at 22 (and I should say as the oldest of a larger family--7 kids) I wasn't ready to be responsible for others let alone myself on a full time basis.

JMW said...

Yeah, I caught part of RHNC last night and was sickened by Luann. Had to turn off the TV - she's so toxic, as are so many of the people on that program.

Danielle said...

I heard on the news last night that Hef's fiance is on the cover of the Playboy mag that comes out today, so they were putting big circle stickers over it that said "Runaway Bride". I thought that was pretty funny.
Was I surprised she left him "No Way!"

#unmatched said...

I totally agree with you about LuAnn, she is the meanest of the bunch, rude, and has no class at all. Doesn't she ever watch the show and realize how terrible she is?!

The enchanted home said...

The whole Hef thing is so stupid and ridiculous I am not even wasting my time commenting. Agreed about Luann, I tune in every now and then and she has changed, become much more defiant, assertive, outspoken and not nearly as kind and soft spoken as she once was. I don't like the new persona she has taken on, ditto for Alex though shes not as bad. They are all a little shall I say "off"..don't even get me started on Ramona!
Brittany and the hairbrush....they have yet to meet huh? Funny...she is such a pretty girl but agree that sometimes you see her and you want to say what are you thinking going out like THAT?
Reality TV has gone a little crazy if you ask me, its almost like once you sign on you are doomed.

Katiellirb said...

Amen to everything in this post! I am really disappointed in OWN, really just watching Master Class and the behind the scenes of her show, which is now over. Also, I couldn't imagine being married nevermind being a mom at 22. Holy hanna!

MCW said...

I have never liked Luanne or any of those women. I would rather eat glass then have go spend any time with them. Including Bethanny who everyone seems to be obsessed with...have a great weekend!

Susan R said...

Okay, you're going to hate me for this, but I absolutely love the Duggars. I find it so wonderful that this family has so much love to give and that their kiddos appear to be so loving and Christlike. They are self supportive and have never filed bankruptcy, never filed for government assistance, etc...Their children are very intelligent and all play a musical instrument if not several. I know I couldn't handle that many children and would never have a desire to, but it seems to work and work well for them. I've NEVER seen their show, I've just seen a few news segments here and there. I just wish I was as calm and beautiful after having 20 something (????) children as Mrs. Duggar is. Aside from being an abnormally large family they seem like great people.
Now about Hugh and his Barbie Doll wife.....How many times has that man been married? Have all of his marriages been to Play Boy models? Neither Hugh nor his brides seem to be very serious about marriage. He seems to be in it for (you tell me) and they are obviously in it for (you tell me).
I think the whole Play Boy thing has had it's day and I would very much like to see it slip into oblivion.
As for RHNC, never seen it. I watched RHNJ for a short time when we got the channel for free, but haven't seen it since.
Maybe Brittany is going for the Bohemian look...I don't know. I think she's sort of slipped into oblivion. Now we just need Lohan and Cyrus to follow her lead.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I actually like the Duggars too. I just cannot imagine being married with children so young instead of going to college and starting a career. More than the education, I think those life experiences are so important periods of growth. But I think they are a nice family and they clearly care for each other incredibly well. It just surprises me that their culture seems so pro-young marriage and just not that into college degrees.

AJLinBoston said...

I agree with you 100% on the focus on getting married/have babies rather than college. It's just not in my realm of thinking.


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