Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's True Love

So a week and a half ago I was in Hometown, FL to attend my Godsister's wedding.  She was stunning and the weekend was fabulous.  Every time I am there I wonder why I ever left.  I mean, I remember just fine.  But my family (who are technically friends but we all have our chosen family in life and they are mine) is just so fun and such a comfort.  I miss them!

But a certain blonde gentleman wholly and completely stole my heart.  My Godson, J!

I know I say that every time I see him, but this time was just so different.  He's 23 months old now and so much fun!  He runs and hops and plays trucks and reads books and knows all his colors and counts and talks non-stop about firetrucks and will do anything for a blue jellybean.  Oh he has just the sweetest face and giggle.  I am a total giggle whore too.  While dancing at the wedding with my main squeeze to Shorty Got Low (a classic for sure!), he started laughing so hard when I sang (in my very best hip hop while wearing Lilly Pulitzer voice), "low low low low..."  So of course I sang it the rest of the weekend non-stop because he would just giggle so big and sing along.  I got the biggest kick out of that.

I got to hang out with him while the wedding party rehearsed.  So naturally we spent our time hopping down the church aisle, pretending to be firefighters (It turns out there were fires all over that church!  And our duties included sliding down a pole which looks a little like a less than kosher side job but whatever...he's still darn cute) and counting seats in each pew (there were always nine, no matter how many I foolishly thought there were).  He held my hand and gave me hugs all weekend.  And the funniest thing (to me anyway) is that he calls me KK.  No one in that group calls me by my nickname.  But I guess Auntie Fairy Godmother Fullname was too much to ask of the tot.  And his sweet sweet voice...oh I hope he calls me that forever because I just melt.

When J's momma, Florida, found out that she was having a boy, I was a little understated.  I mean, I was overjoyed at her having a baby.  We've been best friends since birth.  So this was a major event for me too.  But I am such a girly girl.  I was worried that after the baby boy moved beyond the hold the baby stage of life, I wouldn't know how to play with him.  And since I see them so infrequently, he would never connect with me.

But I was totally wrong.  Little boys are just such a hoot.  He is a total spitfire of energy and cuteness.  So smart and curious.  And still so loving too at this age. 

I wish I could spend all day, every day with my little prince!  I cried after I said my goodbyes that Sunday night and have tried to figure out a way to see him much more often.  Missing so many moments truly breaks me heart.  Oh, I am just totally and completely in love with that blue-eyed sweet thing!! 


Wendy said...

J sounds too adorable for words! Glad you had a good times and hope you get back more often to see him. They grow up too fast.

Dr. Blondie said...

So cute!

I always think that I'll favor the little girls but when Brad and I serve in the church nursery, I usually find the little boys so much more fun, endearing, and easy!:)

Ruth said...

Little boys will melt your heart. I never realized how much until my eldest nephew arrived 3 years ago. The middle one is the same age as J. He has decided to give up on trying to get out Aunt Ruthie and has started calling me My Ruthie. My heart melts each time he says it.


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