Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here's What You Missed...

* So for the past week I have been itchy.  All over.  My back is the worst but even my hands itch at times.  Now I have always had terrible allergies but this week of itching is ridiculous.  I skipped going to a fundraiser dinner last night because I was like Gidget the Fidget all itchy and twitchy and squirmy.  No one needs to see that nonsense.  Benadryl helps but it also makes me drowsy.  Even the "non-drowsy" kind.  In quotes because I think that's a big lie.  It should read "slightly less drowsy but you will still likely fall asleep super early, which will make you wake up in the middle of the night because your sleep clock will be off kilter."  That was probably too long for the label though. 

* I have way too many volunteer things on my plate right now.  I found help with two big things in the last few months but then took on other big things in the wake.  What I should have done was get help for the two big things and then walked away smiling.  But I'm an idiot and that's just not how I roll.  Instead I said I would just do this other giant project because no one else was volunteering for it and it really needed to get done.  I never seem to learn my lesson.

* I'm trying out new churches.  It's my new thing.  This week it's one of those big-huge-mega-wave-your arms-to-music-dunk-you-in-water-to-baptize-you churches.  Not really my cup of tea but they offer so many fun programs and classes that I've decided it's worth a go for a few weeks.  Either way it should prove interesting!

* My sorority kids are about to have their annual office change over and I am all sorts of weepy about it.  I get sentimental every year but I am also usually excited to see a change.  They are always so motivated right after they get their new offices.  But this group has been so extra special.  All of them.  They are all just  awesome and I feel like it took soooo many years to get such an amazing group all at one time.  This is not to say that other groups have not also been great.  But this group just seems to work exceptionally well together.  They communicate so well with each other and advisors and that just makes a world of difference.  I know the next group will be great.  They always are.  The chemistry from this group will be so hard to top.

* I was on such a stride with my GF diet but have had a slump the last few days.  I remember Bestie saying that the first few days of her Moo Goo diet, she didn't eat much because she didn't know what to eat.  Until this past week, I never felt that way.  Now all of a sudden I feel like I am out of snack options.  And I am a big snacker.  In fact, I could go the entire day not eating proper meals, just little tapas-like nibbles here and there.  If you are GF, what are some go-to snacks that you enjoy?  I cannot keep eating carrots and potato chips as my only go-to snacks.  As (I'm ashamed to admit) has been the case for the past week or so.

* I fell off the bandwagon with going dairy free.  I said I would never give up butter and occasionally cheese but I've had pretty much every dairy product out there in the last week.  Times five.  Which very likely could explain my allover itching.  I went back to only almond milk, no cheese, no cheese, and no cheese last night.  For the record, I really LOVE cheese!  And sour cream.

* It turned warm here.  Indian summer and I love it.  But I put away most of my warm weather clothing.  It's always something...

* I'm glad that Halloween candy is mostly chocolate.  I don't much care for chocolate outside of a brownie pan so it's not terribly tempting.  Easter candy on the other hand...  I need a Peeps-a-holic program something fierce.

* My house needs to be cleaned.  I mean, it's clean and tidy.  Ish.  But it needs a deep scrub.  I honestly cannot remember that last time I dusted the tops of armoires, doors, kitchen cabinets and moldings.  It just does not seem like it will at all be fun to do.  But the cob webs are crying out to me so I have a feeling we will have a seasonally appropriate date this weekend. 

* And I wonder why I am single.  Last weekend I had a date with the vacuum and mop.  Perhaps branching outside of the cleaning aisle of Target will bring me more luck.

* My BIG work project is making progress but I am just so nervous that it will fall through.  So until it is set in stone, mums the word.  I promise to blog about it as soon as it's super duper for real. 

* I'm obsessed with maple almond butter.  It's ridiculously expensive compared to store brand peanut butter but on a banana in the morning it is just so fabulous!

* I didn't love this week's Glee as much as I thought I would.  I honestly do not know how they will ever top Grilled Cheesus.  But better music might be a good start.

* Last weekend while doing a little League volunteering (that's me trying to very discretely set the scene and encourage y'all to read right between those lines), I saw a baby wearing big gold hoop earrings.  She was walking, but barely, so I know she was under 18 months of age.  Probably closer to a year.  I mean, she could barely stand and she had on big hoops in each ear.  Quite the sight!


Love Being A Nonny said...

What great post...REALLY! I have to say I didn't like GLEE this week either. Boo. It makes me sad to say that!

Alea Milham said...

Have you checked to see if your soaps or lotions contain gluten?

My go to snacks:

apples, cuties, grapes, nuts, chex cereals (cinnamon chex is way too good - my whole family is addicted), dried fruit, Nature Valley Almond Crunch bars, popcorn, gf crackers or veggies dipped in garlic hummus, tortilla chips made from corn tortillas and salsa, and homemade gf muffins.

Lina Thomlinson said...

I was all excited to watch Glee this week since I'm a Rocky Horror fan but then at the last minute I had the terrifying thought that their version might ruin it for me. So I've had it sitting on the DVR, unwatched and unloved, since Tuesday. There's too much in your post to comment on specifically so I'll just say that you cracked me up. Especially the bit about the toddler sporting big ol' hoop earrings. Oh my.

Suburban Princess said...

Check out nature's path - they have lots of gf snacks!

alanna said...

haha i loved this post! so many details, so little time. bummer about the itchiness...i find combining my downers with uppers (copious amounts of five hour energies) can help ;)
i totally feel you about over volunteering...i love working multiple jobs but i hate feeling exhausted!
ugho, not a fan of babies with big piercings...especially cause you know if they're switchign out the earrings she must've had them for a while now! her earlobe-holes (is there any polite way to say that?) will be huge by the time she's a teenager!

Katiellirb said...

You need to take some YOU time! You deserve it! As for Glee, I skipped this week but I dont seem to have missed much!

Ruth said...

My house needs a deep cleaning too.

Anonymous said...

We're getting ready for changing officers as well and I feel the same way about our team. They work so well together that I'm sad I can't work with them another year.

I'm also with you on non-drowsy Benadryl - for me it's take one, lay down and wake up nine hours later exhausted. Glee wasn't my favorite this past week which was a bit disappointing.


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