Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Better Batter

I had the sincere pleasure of testing for review the above products by Better Batter.  Hands down the BEST gluten free products I have used to date.  Bob's might be easier to buy in your local grocery stores but Better Batter is moons and skies above Bob's in quality!!  I plan to put in a big order of the flour this week.  The price goes down per pound as your order increases.

First let's start with the packaging.  How cute are these boxes?!  Packaging gets me every single time.  But it sort of made me feel special.  So often, GF products are an afterthought.  On the bottom shelf.  In wrinkled bags.  Better Batter took the time to make their packaging cute and colorful.  It did not go unnoticed by me at all!

I made the most amazing brownies ever!  I made the mix exactly as directed but added in walnuts.  Non GF eaters and super skeptics were raving about them.  Oh and they are designed to fit in a 9x13" pan.  I don't know about you, but that drives me nuts when mixes are made for a tiny 9" square pan.

They were moist and fudgy and super yummy!  Not yummy for gluten free products.  Just plain old YUMMY!  Seriously one of the best brownies of all times. 

Better Batter's GF flour mix is amazing!  They nailed it right on the target with their combination.  I made this clafouti last week with Better Batter's flour.  And it was amazing!  I've made this pasta twice now with the flour.  Again, fabulous!!  I will be trying out the bread recipe on the side of the box this week.

Flour make up is as follows:
Rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch, potato flour, pectin, xanthan gum.  They note that the pectin is a lemon derivative.

The first thing I made with the Better Batter GF pancake/biscuit mix was biscuits to eat with pulled pork.  It seems that I neglected to take a photo of that but I think that everyone knows what a Bisquick-type biscuit looks like.  They tasted very similar.  Not identical but very very similar.  I gobbled mine up and then ate one again then next morning for breakfast.  A very fun breakfast treat!

Then this past week I mentioned that I was making breakfast for dinner.  This is what I made.  Pancakes, brown sugar baked turkey bacon (First time I've ever tried this and OMG amazing.  And I think that the healthier turkey bacon totally makes up for the added brown sugar, right?) and an omelet with spinach and feta cheese. 

Don't judge me by my pancakes.  It's time I come clean about something to y'all.  I am terrible at making pancakes.  I totally fail at making them round and pretty and I suck big time at flipping them and I am super impatient.  So I don't eat them very often because...well...you can see what they look like.  But you will be happy to know that they tasted amazing!  Tasted nearly gluten full.  If I had not had pancakes at a diner about five weeks ago, I bet I would not have even noticed a difference.  But you know, gluten full diner pancakes are in a league all their own.  These were a good, solid second to those though.  Very fluffy and full of lovely pancake-y goodness.  Made all the better because they were eaten for dinner!

Add lots of spinach and feta cheese, fold over and enjoy.  The salty feta was awesome in the same meal as the pancakes and brown sugar bacon.  Did anyone notice that my pots and pans are all pink and green?  Hehe!

I honestly cannot praise these products or this company enough! I am simply thrilled beyond words to these products. Unfortunately, I have yet to find them in a store in my area. But they are easily available online. And I am finding out that such is a staple of a gluten free life. Go here to read more about the awesome story behind the creation of Better Batter.


Kate said...

Oooh! I will definitely try the Better Batter mixes! I agree...I hate it that most GF mixes make such a small batch. I love using Cake Mix Doctor type recipes, but end up buying two GF mixes and throwing part of one away...so much waste!

ty said...

I may have to go try some of this. One of my best friends is GF, and we're starting to run out of new things to use!

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful, I have been contemplating minimizing or eliminating) gluten as well. So knowing there are some true yummies out there is a big plus.

And yes, i actually wondered about your pink & green pots & pans!

Telia said...

Those brownies look scrumptious!! Heck, it all looks good!! I've never tried GF but you're making it look better and better ;)

Telia, NewlyWedWifeLife

Mona said...

Thank you for sharing this! :)
Have you tried the GF Bisquick? It's available at {gasp, dare I say it?} "W"*Mart Super Centers should you want to give it a try.


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