Friday, July 30, 2010


No, I'm not spiraling out of control. Actually, I just realized my blog makes me seem like a total Debbie Downer this week. Which is not an accurate depiction of me this week. We all have "woe is me" times but this week isn't one of them for me. The seizure thing and the mother issue and the "you suck because you're single" thing do bug me but they also made me realize how when I only tell you those stories, it paints a picture of a blonde girl wailing in the fetal position in a corner. That I am not. Not this week anyway. Tehe. So to lighten the mood, let me tell you about my recent hair issues. I mean, what topic is more fluff than hair, right?

So my entire life I have had very, super fine hair. And a LOT of it. Every hairdresser I have ever met makes both of those comments in the first 60 seconds. My hair does not curl. It does not ever gain body. It does not have waves. It cannot handle humidity. Or wind. Or rain. I wash it and blow dry it every single day to achieve the minimal volume that sits upon my head. I know, I said every day. I do. Always have and always will so just let it go. Oh and I highlight too. So I wash and dry processed hair at least once a day. But I am also always told it's healthy. Not that having unhealthy hair would ever convince me to do a day without a wash and blow dry. My hair would be stuck to my head like butter if I did that. Flat, flat, flat!

But about four or five months ago, I noticed a change in the left front side of my hair. When I blew it dry, it didn't quite lay smooth. Then I finally noticed it looked like a wave. So strange for this stiff as a board straight hair head. Last month my hairdresser commented too and then looked at me, smiling. Girls, we all know that "I am not going to be rude and ask if you are pregnant but are you?" smile. I immediately replied that I am not!! The curl is increasing in volume and wave now. It's now a full on spiral curl on the front left side of my face. To my knowledge, I have had no hormone changes recently. Can this just happen on its own? Has this happened to you? I know plenty of people who had drastic hair changes during puberty, pregnancy, post-pregnancy and after a bout with cancer. But in all of those cases, major chemical changes take place in your body. I didn't think hair just up and changed all on its own. I know how to deal with my buckets of super fine hair. I know what works and what tools to use and I have this mop down to a science. I can share a hotel room with four women and be the one who blow dries and styles my hair without glancing at a mirror. Fine tuned skills! And now I have a combo head. Super straight with a twist. What the heck? I mean, it's probably not life altering but it is surprising every morning to find a ringlet on my crown.

I promise to figure out why my printer and new computer dislike each other by next week so that I can load photos (I load them via the port on the printer....who refuses to share and play nice with the new computer.). I know nothing is more boring that several posts in a row sans photos.


Susan R said... HAVE to post more/some photos of yourself. I have no idea in the world what you look like, not that it matters. I have this idea of what you look like, but I'm usually way off with my instincts.
Now about that hair. Sounds a lot like you and I have the exact same hair type. Mine tends to curl or wave, but only during the summer when it's hot out. I would never consider not drying my hair EVERY morning unless I was too sick to get out of bed, or in a coma. I blow dry it straight, but I use the flat iron too. Yes, even though my hair is straight. If I don't it looks frumpy. When my hair gets wet, I look like Dopey from Snow White. I have thin hair and it sticks to my head, but my ears stick out.
Hair is always a bad issue with us gals isn't it?

Carly A. Heitlinger said...

My hairdresser told me (I have no idea about the accuracy on this though) that hair has the potential to change every 7 years!

Anonymous said...

I have curly hair which is an adventure in and of itself, but I've noticed my hair changes when it gets used to certain products. I keep two shampoos and conditioners in my shower and alternate to keep it from getting too used to anything. Also despite all the advice I've ever gotten about my hair, I wash it every day (sometimes twice a day), and it's still fairly healthy (deep conditioning helps for me).

Henley on the Horn said...

I have straight, flat, thin hair. I can relate. I guess you should just enjoy the wave!

Michelle said...

Well...hmmm, what is life without a little wave? :-)

AJLinBoston said...

That actually happened to a friend of mine in high school, all of sudden her hair was wavy!

Buford Betty said...

Too funny! We totally have the exact same hair, bestest. Well, minus the new wave. My hair is straight as a board. Have you tried velcro rollers for volume? I too must wash and blowdry my hair every single morning or I look like a corpse.

I blow it fully dry, then I put five medium size velcro rollers in (just on the crown of my head), spray it some, and let it set for at least 30 minutes. So I eat breakfast, do my makeup, or whatever while the rollers do their magic.

After I pull them out, I fix my hair like normal. They do not curl your hair, they just add volume. It is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. And they're uber cheap - you can get a pack at the grocery store for a few dollars.


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