Friday, July 9, 2010

Greek Girls: Sorority Gifts

After a sorority trip with my collegians, I like to give them a little something as a thank you for being so fabulous. I usually make ribbon and pearl necklaces but this time I took a departure from my standard prezzie. I have a Lilly Pulitzer towel wrap that I adore and have wanted to try making something similar at some point. Well I seized the day and am so thrilled with the results. They were not very difficult and if you didn't add any embellishments, it would take no time at all. But what's a gift without embellishments, right? I made them in each girl's favorite pair of colors and added our sorority letters too. They seemed to love them! I'm so adding these to my list of go-to gifts to make for friends.


Sara Elizabeth said...

SO cute! I got a Tri Delta towel wrap in my big/little gift basket :)

Buford Betty said...

Too cute, momma. Miss you. xoxo

The Key Prep on Campus said...

Soooo cute!! Love the squirrel ribbon on the bottom one. That is so thoughtful of you to make one for your girls.

Gracie Beth said...

Do you think you would be interested making some of those custom? I am in a service sorority so I have a TERRIBLE time finding cute things with my letters!

AJLinBoston said...

Super cute and so thoughtful of you! I would love for you to do a DIY post on these. I am a newbie sewer and a towel wrap would be something I'd like to try.

Anonymous said...

Where did you find that adorable squirrel ribbon? These are so cute and such a great gift idea!

Kirstin @ Hello Kirsti said...

Love them!!!
I'm a Alpha Gam at Belmont University in Nashville and I'm so sad I didn't make it to convention.

Where on earth did you find squirrel ribbon?!?! Squirrel stuff is way too hard to find!



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