Saturday, July 24, 2010

I've Got The Golden Ticket

Two years ago my cousin had an entire row of these golden beauties. Golden pear tomatoes. It's slightly larger than a grape tomato. And the most magnificent tomato to ever touch your lips. I've been obsessed with the sweetness for TWO years. But it was so damn cold last year and by the time it finally warmed up, I couldn't find a plant. This year I shopped and planted early thanks to a special and unusual treat for NY. I believe it's called spring? This is the first teeny tiny treasure. But the plant is growing so well and tall and is full of baby green t'maters and flowers. There are few things that are more rewarding than grabbing a snack of sun warmed vine ripened tomatoes on the way to your car. Simple, sweet goodness. Mmmm!


Sherrie said...

My dh planted so many tomatoes this year and I am anxiously awaiting their ripening. Every time I have to buy tomatoes in the store I hope it will be the last time for awhile.

Mary T said...

I love those, too yummy. I bought my first at a bake sale, of all things, and have looked for them ever since!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

That is an odd looking tomato! But what a perfect shape. It looks delicious.


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