Thursday, July 15, 2010

Garden Again

I don't have much to gossip about right now. I'm busy but it would be holy boring to read about. Happy about the oil well being capped. For now. Curious about Bristol and Levi's "surprise mom, we're gettin' hitched" magazine stunt. But not curious enough to look into it further. If there's a story, I have no doubt it will play out on a classy show like Entertainment Tonight or in OK Magazine. And so happy that I finally wrote about my adult friendship issue. If I had any clue I wasn't alone, I would have talked about it with y'all years ago! Who knew so many of us fabulous gals find it hard to find great gal pals in our areas?!

So as I have nothing of substance to discuss, here are some random garden photos. The big oblong squash are (I think!) Spaghetti Squash! Or acorn squash. But based on the shape I'm guessing spaghetti. Either way I can't wait. They grown crazy fast- doubling in size each day it seems. So be prepared to see lots of squash recipes on here in the coming months. I certainly can't eat them all simply steamed. And perhaps this is why I have no friends- haha! So girls do fancy things like talk about shoes and I talk about squash. Yea, I'm pretty sure this might be part of my problem. But what do you think of the bag I made to use this summer? The inside is Lilly Pulitzer fabric of course. It seems to garner compliments all over town. Love it, if I do say so myself!


Molly said...

Gorgeous Pictures!! and love the bag! I am so jealous I cant grow anything.

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

Great photos!!

Jenny Beth said...

I totally feel ya on the friend issue. It's very disheartening... ADORE your lilly bag, wish i could have gotten my coy pond in that great of shape... ps... my little one's bday party (in nov.) will be lilly themed... won't want to miss this one. I have been planning it since i was pregnant with her.

Can i get an AMEN to the oil cap???

come visit my blog sometime, lifeonlyford.blogspot. I will wear my lilly apron and serve you some lemondade, lilly style of course.

Jenny BEth

Buford Betty said...

Oh let me know if that truly is spaghetti squash... I bought one on Friday and it was 6 freaking dollars.

Anonymous said...

I love your bag and love the first picture! The colors look fantastic!


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