Saturday, July 10, 2010


With the success of my anchor skirt over Memorial Day, I thought I would try making something fun to wear on the 4th of July. I have coveted this strawberry fabric for a year and a half now. I've used it here and there but have a ton that has just been waiting patiently for me to find a worthy project. I decided it screamed 4th of July picnic. So I sewed it up quickly and added the fabulous green ribbon ruffle trim. All high and mighty, thinking I was a sewing genius. And then I tried it on. And realized that it made me look a solid 30 lbs heavier than I already am. The fabric is too heavy and the thick waistband (that I thought would be slimming, mind you) was too poofy and the bottom ruffle is too heavy, making the skirt stick out from my hips all quirky. So sad because I love how it looks on the hanger! It would be too much work to un-do it so I'm just keeping it for now. I could see it possibly becoming a fun table cloth in the future. Maybe. Or it also might end up going to the thrift shop come fall. I give myself an A for effort though because it is seriously adorable until you see it on my body.


Susan R said...

You didn't fail, you just found a way how not to make a skirt. I actually think this would look good on a child.

Mona said...

It would make a lovely apron!

What Kate Wore said...

I can't tell you how many times I have created something that seemed great in theory... and then reality hits. I completely understand!

BTW, the greek wrap/spa towel is darling!

Jo said...

Too bad ~ it is really cute.

I made an adorable bee skirt this spring that I couldn't wait to wear ~ the pattern was about 3 sizes off and I couldn't get in over my hips.


Molly said...

Fabric is adorable, I like the apron idea, and you can make two I bet :)

Anne said...

Oh that fabric is so happy! I'm sorry it wasn't what you envisioned but I agree, I would love this for my baby girl! You're so talented!


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