Monday, March 9, 2009

This And That

So the verdict so far is that overall, I am doing well working out. I did not work out on Sunday though. Furthermore, I proceeded to instead go with Daddy to our local greasy diner for none other than a bottomless cup of totally caffeinated coffee (I have really become a decaf convert over the last year or so), a huge plate of sourdough french toast (that I totally finished and didn't even feel guilty thankyouverymuch) and pile of bacon (OMG why is diner bacon like girl-attempting-to-be-on-a-workout-kick crack?!). And friends, it was was a breakfast worth every fatty-mc-delicious calorie! It was a pretty day outside so I ran a few errands and window shopped ( Lent over yet?). So nice to just be out and about in sunshine.

I popped into Tar-jay and saw these shoes. Cute. But lots of white. I don't know, I'm not a huge fan of white shoes. Probably because their life span up here in the North Pole is so limited. But they were cute nonetheless. I also spied some very darling flip flops but didn't take pictures. People were staring at me. What, everyone doesn't whip out a digi in the middle of Target? I can't wear them up here yet anyhoo.

So we had that fabulous weekend only to get a less-than-fabulous mix of rain, sleet and snow today. Charming. Old Man Winter is such an Indian giver!! Such a tease! Argh.

So now I am watching Dancing With The Stars and already have some commentary to share....

- Who is that "Sex And The City actor?" I've seen every episode and the movie and don't remember him.

- Nancy the girl who dropped out and is on E or Inside something.... cut your hair. You are a seriously beautiful woman but you are way too old to wear your hair that long and in a side pony tail. Now that you have time on your hands I suggest you make an apt ASAP to get a little spring hair cut.

- So excited that Holly Madison is Jewel's replacement. I know she was nekkid on Playboy but I love that show. I know, I know, I have such crappy taste in television.

- I bet Melissa (recently dumped girl from Bachelor) will do well. She looks like she has a lot of dance experience and the entire country feels for her. Heck, I've never seen an episode of Bachelor but I feel sorry for her!

- Ty Murry was so cute and sweet but I bet he's the first to go home. I laughed out loud- he literally looks like he hopped off the horse and onto the dance floor. Poor thing.

OK, that's all I can think of right now. Overall I think its a pretty good cast. Lots of people I like on there. Only a few who made me say "who??" I would never want to be famous or have a reality show but I would go on Amazing Race or DWTS in a heartbeat. Both look like so much fun!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway below. I'll pick and post a winner Wednesday morning. And to all the girls lucky ducky enough to be invited to the Lilly Pulitzer on Martha Stewart Show....have fun and please please take LOTS of pictures so that those of us uninvited and pouting at home can live vicariously. I can't wait to hear all the fabulously preppy details!


Anonymous said...

Totally cracking up at the pictures in Target. The husband gets a little embarrased sometimes when I whip out the camera to snap pictures. He's certain that people think we've never seen cloth napkins or framed art or whatever other random things. For cryin' out loud...the blog will suffer without pictures! Anyway, I couldn't resist a comment :)

Marla said...

Completely missed DWTS...Holly from the Girls next Door is too cute...great choice!

TG said...

I love those ballerinas!!

Anonymous said...

Haha I wish we got the US Dancing with the Stars - we have the original version and it is no where near as glitzy! I think Holly M is a sweetheart - I hope she wins!We also get Dancing on Ice, which I love (eek). If that hasn't hit stateside yet, I'm sure it will soon! I just love these shows, pure escapism at the end of a long day! Stressed and sick of bad news on tv - switch over for some fake tan, cheesy music and sequins, it always does the trick!! :)

c said...

I want bacon so badly now.

Gee, thanks.


tickledpink said...

The guy is from SATC movie who lived next door to Samantha's condo in Malibu. Remember he was always naked? Her dog ran up his stairs and he was taking a shower, and Samantha stared and just ran? I think he will do really well and Melissa will do well too! Cute shoes!

Legal Preppy said...

those shoes are just the cutest ever!


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