Saturday, March 28, 2009


* So I am pretty sure Sadie did in fact have a second seizure on Thursday. But the good news is she is back to her perky puppy self today!

* It was nearly 70 here today- glorious, fabulous and everything grand!! A long walk in the sunshine was just what we needed! And I wore short sleeves and NO COAT for the first time since last summer!!

* As of tonight, Sadie officially loves hummus and pita. And salmon spread on pita. Girl has taste!

* I got a nasty anonymous comment today. It was seriously one of the most terrible things anyone has ever said to me. Truly foul. I didn't publish it of course. So to whomever gets off on writing that junk....stop. Start your own blog and stop hiding behind being anonymous. And quit being rude! It's just...well...rude!

* I am having the hardest time trying to plan a baby shower in my hometown, Ft. Laudy, at the end of May. I know I grew up there but I haven't actually lived there in more than 12 years. So I am pretty much planning an event for 30+ people in a strange city. Not easy, kids. If anyone has any suggestions for that area, please let me know!

* Today I said something to someone. Vague much? So here's the thing. I have thought about saying this many times over the last few years. But I try hard to avoid mixing business (or volunteer business as the case is here) and pleasure (read: friendship). As the big boss (Chapter Advisor), I don't want to put people in awkward positions outside of the necessary duties. As much as I would like to be loved by all, I am not their friend. I'm the big mama jama boss lady who brings cookies and sets punishments all at the same time. So I never said anything to this young lady. But the other day she mentioned something that made me realize, she needed to know my sentiments on the subject. She needed to hear specifically that I was proud of her and respected her and trusted her. I tell my girls all the time that I don't have a crystal ball so they need to communicate with me. But I wasn't doing what I preached. So I sent her a quick email. Nothing fancy or over the top. And wouldn't you know that she got right back to me and was clearly touched by what I said. It meant a lot to her. She didn't have a crystal ball either and never understood my feelings towards past situations. I've always had a very good working relationship with her but I hope as time progresses, we can have a friendship too. Regardless, I feel better knowing she is aware of how proud I am of her! The right choices in life are not always the easy choices. It's important that I verbally recognize when someone is brave enough to make those tough calls in the name of all things right!

* I'm sticking with my work-out routine but I realize I need to start paying close attention to what I eat. I'm not really losing any weight. I honestly could care less what the scale says but it's my only proof of progress. Or lack thereof.

* People often tell me that I write like I speak (or visa versa- depending on how I first "meet" them) with great surprise in their voice. I have also been told that I do not look like what people expect when they first get to know me via email or phone (like when a friend sends an email to a group and everyone rapid fire emails back and they you are suddenly all friends by the time you finally meet at a party or wedding or something). I am not sure how to react when people tell me this. I mean, I look how I look. Not bad and not super-model. And I sound ..... well I don't do much to control that either. Its the voice I have. I think maybe people expect a petite, skinny girl or something? I'm 5'6"- so hardly petite. As far as writing the way I speak....well how the heck else would I write? That comment comes to me fairly regularly and always always makes me giggle. I mean, I know how to write a business letter. But email or FB or a blog is not a business letter setting. So for all my bloggy pals who I have yet to meet in person, rest assured that I speak exactly as I write. I ramble on and on about nothing for endless periods of time. And when I am excited I tend to speak quickly and in a higher pitched voice. I always say silly things like "heavens to Betsy" or "crab apple cove" that mean nothing and everything all at the same time. Oh and if I am with my southern girls, I pick up a more southern accent. I never notice it but everyone else does.

* I'm home watching Figure Skating tonight. Because I'm cool like that. It is hands down my very favorite sport. I miss Michelle Kwan though. She'll always be the best in my book! And I'm sad Alyssa isn't skating tonight. She just seems like the sweetest girl. Anyone else gaga over figure skating?

* Sorry I keep re-publishing this thing but I am having a heck of a time with the spacing tonight. As it sometimes it give me a space and sometimes it doesn't and sometimes it give me three. Grrr!

* That's all I have for y'all tonight. Nothing terribly exciting happening over at Casa de Crocodile. Cheers!


c said...

I'm loving the weather, too. It's so great that reached out and let someone know that you're proud of them. Sometimes it just takes someone taking notice of the effort they put in to rededicate them.

Kat said...

Yikes, nasty comments are the worst. I received one a few weeks ago, also anonymous, so creepy. What is wrong with people anyway?

Jane said...

Glad your pup is doing better! And I don't understand mean commenters either, its like really? You are great! Don't you forget it!

SplendidlyImperfect said...

People tell me that I write how I speak all the time too. It's because there are a lot of REALLY bad writers out there! Some people write how they think they should sound, while others have trouble transfering thoughts to the written word.

I'd be careful with the hummus - dogs aren't supposed to have garlic or onions. I forget why.

Jessica said...

Hooray for the nice weather, I'm so glad that you got to enjoy it. I just happened upon your blog about a week ago and I love it. I'm so glad that your puppy is back to her normal self. And, ugh, how horrible about the rude comment. I hate mean people.

Her Preppiness said...

Nasty comments are pitiful. They are made by people who are cowardly!!! It's creepy and people should have better things to do than make nasty comments on other people's blogs!!!!! There are blogs for everyone!!!

Kiel James Patrick said...

Ha ha I love rambling!

QueenBeeSwain said...

I'm thinking happy thoughts for you lady- can't believe that peeps have the audacity to write nasty things and put nasty energy out into the universe.

PS- got the package yesterday- a BIG merci beaucoup to you- love it all, so are so kind!


Buford Betty said...

Get rid of the anonymous commenters! You can change the settings to disallow them. That way no one can hide. And I really have no idea what nasty things they could be saying about you... geez.

Glad Sadie is better!!! xoxo

Black Labs and Lilly said...

Glad Sadie is feeling better! I am trying to plan a bridal shower, and even though I know the city it is still proving VERY difficult, best of luck with the baby shower!

Meg said...

So, I know that in the grand scheme of ladies, 5'6" truly isn't petite, but I had a snicker just now when I read that. If you're not petite, I must be a mammoth!

Katiellirb said...

I'm sorry about that anonymous comment - how awful! I love reading your blog - it makes me smile!

Michelle said...

Good for you...a taste of Spring to liven things up!!!!

I hate it that you got a nasty Anon Comment. I got one a while back and just kind of shook my head and was glad I had control over MY blog! I have been reading your blog for a good, long while and know you don't deserve some nasty comment...pishaw!


cancersucks said...

I'm sorry for your meany anonymous commentor. Hopefully what goes around comes around for them. I hope your Sadie is ok...thinking of you!


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