Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm A Winner!

Thank you to the fabulously sweet Europafox for this kind award. I am usually terribly about doing anything about or with awards. Don't let that make you think I do not appreciate them. I have every intention to re-award them the next day or week. But get side-tracked and then it just never happens. But today I am turning over a new leaf. So thanks Europafox!! I am convinced that if we didn't live an ocean apart we would be "in real life" friends too!

Now I must list seven things that I love. Only seven? I love so many things in life. Here goes...

1. My baby girl, Sadie Kate. For those who have asked in the past she is a Sheltie. But don't tell her that. She's fairly certain she is a furry person or a princess.

2. Vegetable gardens. I love that you can stand in your yard and have a tomato or green bean snack. I love that it's healthy and cheap. And so beautiful. It just makes you crave those fresh veggies.

3. Peanut butter ribbon candy. Tell me y'all know what this is! It is a hot commodity in my family. You seem to be able to find the multi-flavored ribbon candy easily lately, due to retro candy coming back in popularity. But it is near impossible to find a box full of only the coveted peanut butter ribbon candy. So worth it if you can find it. It's fabulous! I received a big box as part of my family's Dirty Santa swap this year and it was oohed and aahed over for sure. It's like a box of gold in the Crocodile family!

4. LL Bean Boat and Totes. They are hands down the most useful bag ever. Can be worn as a casual purse or to tote baby stuff or school stuff or boat stuff or beach stuff or all of my sorority advisor binders or sewing stuff or sleepover stuff or .... They last forever too. Oh, and of course they are monogramable!!

5. West Wing. I know it has been off the air for years but it is still, hands down, my very favorite TV show! I miss CJ and Charlie and Josh and Toby. I can probably tell you every person who ever guest starred on the show too. Once in a blue moon I find repeats on Bravo but I wish they would run them more often. Best. Show. Ever!!

6. Sunshine. Sounds simple enough but up here in the North Pole, we can go days or even weeks without even a glimpse of the sun during the winter. So regardless of temperature outside, if there is sun showing through the sky, I am automatically in a great mood! It just does something to my mood- lifts me sky high.

7. Ice tea. Sweet or unsweet or green or black or instant. I love them all. Nothing says "welcome" like a tall glass of ice tea!

So I pass this award on to seven (but I chose eight- so hard to even limit myself to that many with all of the fabulous blogs out there!) other super creative gals....

A Dozen Eggs - If you are looking for a cookie favor or just want to see the most drool-worthy cookie art, go here immediately!

A Journey To Our Daughter - Have you seen her dress line for little girls? Amazing!

Buford Betty - My bestie! But y'all she is incredibly creative and crafty! She doesn't talk about it much- mainly because she is super busy crunching numbers for tax season at the moment. But stay tuned...she has a little something fabulous up her sleeve!

Etiquette With Miss Janice - Did you see her table-scape for the Lilly on Martha show? Amazing!!

Hollie - She always decorates her home and sweet puppy, Janie, with the most adorable holiday cheer!

Nautical By Nature - She too has the most fabulous preppy and nautical finds listed on her blog each week. She claims to be in school but I am pretty sure she spends her days just searching online for the next preppy "must have" item!

The Gifting Gumshoe - She lists the most fabulous preppy finds!! I have no idea how she finds so many fabulous things but when I am stumped for a gift, I go here first.

Whitney Caroline - She is crazy creative! And she has fun giveaways all the time too so she is generous on top of creative!


Marla said...

#4 & #5 are my favorites too! I have started DVRing season 1 & 2 episodes off Bravo! Sometimes you need a little Josh & Sam fix! The is nothing quite as "smart" on TV today!

Hollie and Janie said...

Yes ma'am that girl has some southern roots...sunshine and sweet tea!!
Thanks for passing along the award... you are much too kind!!!

Kate said...

You crack me up! I do spend a lot of time internet browsing at my internship and all my friends (and sisters) send me anything nautical they find.

Thanks for the award :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice words and for doing the tag! Peanut butter ribbon candy - I can only dream! All I can say is I am thankful for the fact Reeses P. Butter cups are hard to come by here - otherwise I'd be 25 stone.

Buford Betty said...

Aw, you are a gem... thanks for the fabu award!!!! xoxoxo


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