Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Question and Comment

Hey my fellow Capital Region Upstate New Yorkers..... Do you use any sort of coupon website thingy? The two most popular nationally sadly do not give a hoot about us Cap Region folks because they don't cover our grocery stores. I didn't realize this when I signed up - only to realize they were just telling me about sales/deals at drug stores. So if you use one of those coupon websites- the site where it tells you when to use your coupons at particular stores because of the best sales, etc...- please let me know. Thanks!

And for everyone else who is less interested in my coupon clipping obsession, have you seen this blog? She's my idol! Y'all know I am over the moon in love with my crockpot, right? Good grief I love that thing! It makes me so happy to have a delicious meal waiting for me with little fuss at dinner time. And its practically mistake proof! Ah, love! Anyway, I tried this yummy little dip in my mini crockpot on Sunday and it was delish! I don't have kids and therefore do not keep apple juice in the house (tell me I am not alone in associating apple juice with toddlers and toddlers alone!) so I used orange juice instead. I also added a pinch of sugar because it seemed to need a little something extra. I served it with these yummy cornbread crackers that I found in Target and apple slices. Delish! Perfect for your next easy dipping need.


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

slickdeals.net has a great coupon section!

Her Preppiness said...

did you receive the Ann Veronica tote yet. Please advise. Ann is back from vacation now and I was curious??

Anonymous said...

I haven't managed to find a site with local stores yet- I try to just do my best on my own.

Rachel H. said...

Ooh...I'm going to have to try some new crockpot recipes. I love it! :)

Buford Betty said...

Which ones did you try? I use www.thegrocerygame.com like a champ, but maybe you already looked there.

Reason #479 to move to Atlanta! (Just sayin'.)


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