Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Green Eggs And Ham

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Ladies!!

I go through phases with eggs. Sometimes I love them (scrambled and only scrambled though) and other times they gross me out. I have no explanation of why my mood changes towards them- it just does. But the last week or so, I am just craving scrambled eggs for whatever reason. Last night I was not in the mood to do any actual cooking or preparing for dinner. So this is what I made. I used a bunch of leftovers from my freezer/fridge and just made a little roll up sammy. And it was soooo yummy!

Green Eggs and Ham:

* 1 tortilla
* 2 eggs scrambled
* some spinach and broccoli
* some ham

Roll up and eat!

* I only buy cage free eggs because I saw this thing on Oprah about caged vs cage free eggs that made me cry for the poor little caged up chickens.


AEG said...

I hated eggd my whole life and then one day loved them.

I do the same things with food moods.

Muffy said...

Sounds DELICIOUS!!!! YUM!!!

cancersucks said...

Thanks for the hodge podge idea...I am going to take you up on that this spring with the kids like you suggested!

Lulu said...

I am the same way with eggs!

Anonymous said...

That sounds really good! I know what you mean about eggs...I go through phases too. And I don't keep them in the house a lot because my oldest is allergic to them. Thanks for sharing! Happy St. Patty's Day! :)

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Yum. Definitely will try this one out. Thanks!


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