Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meet Jacqueline

Jacqueline and Josie, the happiest baby I have ever met.

So I thought it would be fun to ask my friend Jacqueline, our favorite Rodan + Fields consultant, a few questions about her relationship with the brand.  You have a little more than 24 hours still to enter the great giveaway.  So don't delay.

Now let's meet Jacqueline.

A little background from my end.  I honestly consider Jacqueline to be more of a cousin than anything else.  I've known her since she was born.  Her parents bought her childhood home from my parents.  Then when we moved back to Florida, we moved right across the street.  And next door to my bestie Florida, Jacqueline's actual cousin.  We celebrated birthdays, holidays and then some together.  And then of course, our completely awesome years doing Indian Princesses.  We go back to the womb, baby!  She rocks!

* How did you first learn about Rodan + Fields?

I had been using Proactiv for five years and wanted a change in my skincare routine. My acne had cleared, BUT I still had a lot of skin issues that needed to be addressed after my pregnancy. My friend invited me to a Rodan+Fields event where she told me about the products. I bought a skincare regimen and instantly saw results in my skin after the first use. Since then, I have been adding different products to my daily skincare regimen.

* Why did you decide to sell Rodan + Fields?

Rodan+Fields is a growing name in anti-age and was developed by the creators of Proactiv. As a stay at home mom I was looking for something to add a little extra income to our household and I fell in LOVE with the Rodan+Fields skincare products. I tell everybody I know about the products, because the products work and I believe in them personally. I was disappointed that I hadn't used or heard about the products sooner, so I decided to sell Rodan+Fields to improve peoples confidence in their skin and in their lives!

* What are your top two favorite products that you personally use from the line?

I use the BLEMISH skincare regimen in the morning and the ANTI-AGE regimen in the evening combined with the AMP MD system. In addition to the skincare regimens, I use the Multi-Function eye cream, renewing lip serum, body moisturizer, and ANTI-AGE hand treatment. My two favorite products are the Mineral Peptide Powder and the AMP MD system. The powder is light weight and covers evenly. It is amazing and doesn't feel like I am wearing any makeup! The AMP MD system uses the micro-needle roller with a capsule of antioxidants and peptides that creates the softest skin texture. It is easy to use and you see immediate results. I love all the products, but those are my two favorite right now.

* Outside of representing Rodan + Fields, what are your favorite things to do?

I enjoy spending time with my husband and 6 month old daughter, baking (any and all dishes), cake/cupcake decorating, reading, and running (especially after all the sweets I make)!

* Because we both profess to love it, what is your favorite recipe you found on Pinterest?

After discovering Pinterest I no longer use cookbooks, so all of my recipes come from Pinterest. My favorite Pinterest recipe is chocolate chip salted caramel cookie bars. They are delicious and I love the combination of sweet and salty!


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