Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Tell Myself This Every Night...

And yet somehow manage to forget it every single morning!

...Stay tuned for a very fun giveaway tomorrow!


Becky said...

Love this quote! It's so true. I'm excited about the giveaway tomorrow!

CT Cupcake said...

Haha yep that sounds like me too!

BroncoMom said...

Wise words of wisdom!
Have a great Monday and a good ahead and add the rest of the week to that wish!

Beth Dunn said...

That is a great quote!

Anonymous said...

That is brilliant, I love it. Somehow I think there are quite a few of us who forget it as well!

Sending you a smile Miss PPC,

PS: I tagged you in a post, *by NO means* should you feel obligated to do the meme or whatever these things are called. :)


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