Monday, May 7, 2012

Filling My Own Dang Bucket

This was a very good weekend!  Finally.

It started with a Friday that went far better than planned.  Oh how I needed those cards to play out like that. 

Then Saturday I was up early to get a few things done before going to meet a girlfriend for breakfast.  That's right, I said I was up early and accomplishing things.  That NEVER EVER happens in my world.  I am the queen of not getting a darn thing done on Saturdays.  And I got two things, including a trip to the post office, finished by 9:30AM.  Hot damn!

So I get to the restaurant to meet a sweet JL buddy for a breakfast meeting and she's not there yet.  Not to worry, it was just then 10AM.  But they wouldn't seat me until my party was there.  Dumb.  Like so totally ridiculous.  Because had I said I was dining solo they would have seated me.  Oh and I was dying for a cup of coffee.  So there I stood in a half empty restaurant with them refusing to seat me.  Other waitresses would walk up and offer to seat me every two minutes and the owner would intercede and rudely tell them I had to wait for my full party. 

So 15 minutes into my lonely wait, I got worried.  My girlfriend is never late.  She's usually early.  Did I have the wrong time?  At one point we said 10 or 10:30...were we really meeting at 10:30AM?  I checked my email.  Nope, it was set for 10.  But 10 on Sunday.  Not Saturday.  Oh!  I left, went next door to Bruggers to get coffee and had a long laugh at myself.  That is just so typical me.  Close but not quite.

Off to run errands.

I checked all sorts of things off my list.  Completely boring things like grocery shopping at two stores and laundry and cleaning.  But all sorts of things that desperately needed to be done.  Check, check, check.  Peaches, it felt amazing!  I hope I can remember this feeling next Saturday when I am doing my normal lazy bit about the house.

I also made a pie, sliced up some berries and made fresh vanilla bean whipped cream to take to my sweet friend's home to enjoy over fun company and a totally fun board/card game.  My girlfriend and her hub are into (or he is into and she is a good wife and finds ways to share his hobby) board games.  Not the normal stuff you can buy in Target though.  All sorts of complicated, unusual stuff.  Fascinating.  We played this funny German-based card game about bean farming.  Not kidding.  It was a hoot!

Sunday started with the actual breakfast date.  And as expected, she was totally there before me.  Ha.  Then I ran a few errands, checked a few more things off the still forever long but taking it one task at a time to-do list at home and even relaxed a wee bit. 

But the best part was the evening walk with Sadie.  Y'all, it was nearly 80 yesterday!  AND sunny.  We've seen about four minutes of sunshine in the last two weeks so this was a major delight!  The greens up here are just so much more vibrant than in FL.  I say this every spring/summer and yet it still amazes me.  Our evening walks are what center me.  And Sundays are my very favorite because they are quiet and peaceful.  My city sleeps on Sundays and I love it!

So I do recognize that this was a boring post.  But my IRL girlfriends have been worried about my mental state with all my gloom and doom posts lately.  I want them to know that I took time to focus on me and my things this weekend instead of all the other dumb stuff that's been sucking the life out of me.  I'm getting back to my normal.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that has completely re-energized me.

So how was your weekend?  Do anything fun and exciting?


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Oh girly, I understand about checking things off the good old list! It just feels so dang wonderful! I had myself a very productive weekend too! May is NUTS...ahhh, but June is right around the corner!!! Come on summer vacay! I adore being a teacher for ALL the right reasons!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Ally said...

I liked this post! I am glad things are going better for you. Thinking of you, sweet girl!

Lauren Borquez said...

I'm a new follower from Kelly's corner..I love pink and greej also..dont get to use it much with littke boys though.feel free to follow me as well :)

Kate said...

When I have a productive weekend day I feel so much better. I am trying to accomplish my errands on Saturday so I can relax on Sunday.


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