Friday, August 19, 2011

That's A Lot To Ask From A Cake

I was flipping channels last night as I was getting settled in bed and briefly stopped on one of the gazillion cake decorating shows.  Outside of Ace of Cakes, which is sadly no longer on the air, I don't really enjoy cake or cupcake decorating shows.  I can read blog after blog about them but I just don't get into the TV programs.  They are all just too over the top and not at all believable.  Like when the bakeries take orders for wedding cakes three days before a wedding?  Outside of the very rare disaster story, that just doesn't happen in real life.  No one orders a wedding cake the week of an actual wedding.  And no bakery not on TV would ever agree to that.  Oh and that DC Cupcake show with the sisters who are constantly whining "Momeeeee" all day long.  Gag me. 

But anyway, I was distracted or something and the TV stayed on whatever random channel for more than a minute and I looked up to see a bride ordering her wedding cake.  And explaining that she wants it to be sparkly and fun and a statement piece but also traditional and elegant and classy (the year's most over-used word if you ask me).  She said this several times and I just kept thinking...Honey, it's just a cake.  Your groom isn't all of that on any given day, but you want sugar and flour to whip 95 unique characteristics into one fondant covered tower? 

I didn't stick around to see how the cake turned out but let's all hope it made the cut.

I promise I am going to show you photos of at least one cute sewing project before the day ends.  Of course, I meant to get them up yesterday so...

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Ruth said...

I am the same way about cake shows. The only one worth watching is Ace of Cakes. And I love following Duff on twitter


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