Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flooding In The Collar City

My little city is a soggy mess, y'all!

I know that Irene seemed like a joke to those in FL and LA.  But let me assure you, she was a fierce lady who has taken New England by storm. 

To recap, in one tiny little week, quaint New England mountain towns experienced an earthquake, a hurricane, tornadoes and flooding and mud slides.  In the same blasted week!

The only conclusion is that snow storms are easier.  Less dramatic.  Quieter.

I live just a few blocks from the Hudson River and just before the first lock.  That means that the Hudson River flows freely from the ocean to my city.  With a regularly strong current.

Well that current is sort of a raging river tonight!  All bridges are closed still so it takes a stupendously long time to get anywhere.  The destruction is just unbelievable.  Oh and I drove by the mudslides today and it is just so sad.  I've never seen anything quite like that.

Warning...all photos were taken @8PM and on my Blackberry.  Just trying to set your expectations appropriately low. 

Holy understatement.

Ironically it was an incredibly beautiful evening.  You know, minus the floods.

The awning used to be a restaurant patio.  We have floating docks so you can see where the water line should be.

The awning photo is just to the left.  This is the front of the restaurant with flooding straight through to the parking lot.

See the boats in the distance and the floating docks?

This giant boat is practically inside the restaurant.

On a normal Monday night, this street would be empty.  But it turned into quite the tourist attraction.  Both sad and hilarious at the same time.


MCW said...

Oh my goodness...looks so bad. I am sorry! Was watching new news and they had a younger woman on who's day sap was completely ruined. I felt so bad! Thinking of everyone who Irene actually effected.

KatiePerk said...

So sad. Thinking of you. My NC office lost the roof and has 4.5 ft of standing water. These storms are ruthless. Stay safe.

Unknown said...

Anyone who is used to Hurricane's (or as our NC Gov likes to say...Hurrakins), knows that a hurricane is no laughing matter. The devastation up north is horrible. Wishing you a speedy, safe and dry recovery!

Preppy Mama said...

Wow! I had no idea you were that close to the Hudson. Thank goodness you are ok! Hope you were able to get some rest!

Peachy Keen said...

That is scary! Stay safe and I hope your area dries out ASAP!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty bad! We are heading downstate towards CT this weekend and I'm curious as to what flooding I'll see en route.

Also, Dino BBQ was in those pics?! YUM! If it's a chain from the Dino BBQ I know up here, then they're awesome! I hope they can get re-opened quickly!

REBrown said...

I saw all the pictures of the devastation in VT on the news. This looks terrible!

Western NC got hit really bad a few years ago by hurricane Ivan and it was really terrible. Something about those I storms.

Ruth said...

Oh my! i am glad you are safe.


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