Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm exhausted so here are a few random thoughts for you today...

* The day that The View debuted, more than a decade ago I believe, I watched clips.  And came to the conclusion that it was the worst show on television.  Which was saying a lot because at the time I still liked Barbara Walters and adored (still very much do) Lisa Ling (I have a strange attachment to all the Channel One peeps from high school).  The show was/is/will always be just horrible, in my not even remotely humble opinion.  They all have wicked strong opinions and talk over each other.  So you never really hear anything more than cats screeching.  But the cardinal sin is how they treat guests.  If they all agree, which is super rare, they are decent.  But they still talk over each other so the poor guest never knows which way to look and never gets a word in edge-wise.  But when they dislike a guest, they are just nasty.  All of them.  This is not exclusive to just Elizabeth or just Whoopie.  When one/any of them dislike a guest, they have zero professional decorum on that show.  They are not journalists.  Which is where BW and I had to part ways.  I used to adore her interviews.  Then she joined that show instead of retiring gracefully and pulling a Seinfield.  And that hot mess of a terrible show is the result.

* My point is not to bash The View, though I clearly will at any given opportunity.  My point is that I think the forum for the show- five head-strong hosts all talking at one time- is a dreadful idea.  But I have noticed promos for the fall and all the other networks are suddenly getting on board with this wicked cat fight over coffee routine and debuting their own version of the worst show on television. 

* The first time I saw America's Funniest Home Videos, back when the dad from Full House was the host, I stood in the living room and declared that the show would be cancelled in six weeks.  It was just so dumb.  I was sure of it.  And it's still running like 20 years later.

* So I think it is clear that while my television opinions are strong and fabulous (to me), networks will never be lining up to get my input on scheduling. 

* Seriously though, what could anyone possibly enjoy about The View?!

* Things are starting back up.  Sorority and Junior League and just life in general.  I had about a month off.  And it was not enough.  It wasn't even a full month.  More like a very slow month where I basically ignored most emails unless they were marked urgent.  I would like one more month off from it all please!  Unfortunately, it's just not possible.  I am knee deep in planning my year.  Begrudgingly.

* I really wish people would stop willing fall to get here.  I think it's rude.  Y'all know I live in the flippin' north pole, right?  Oh sure, fall is lovely.  My favorite season.  But do you know what happens when a lovely fall fades away?  Winter.  Which for me last a bloody eternity.  My winter is like a Georgia summer.  Two and a half seasons long.  And there is nothing cute about winter.  Once the ground gets gross, it stays that way for six months.  Just wet and cold and dirty.  The only footwear option is a boot.  And not some cute stylish high heeled anything.  An Ugg or Ugg-like boot.  Or a chunky snow boot.  Either way, not cute.  Style goes out the door and practicality is all that matters.  My three walks a day with the dog are torture on both of us as I fight the cold and she fights the salted sidewalks from idiots who think that salt is the same thing as shoveling snow.  Which it is not.  And it burns my baby's feet to the point she cries out in pain and cannot walk.  So I end up carrying the cold, wet, dirty (from the melting show from the idiots who don't shovel) and pained dog home.  25 lbs of dripping dog is a hell of a lot when you are struggling to not slip and fall yourself.  So seriously, I am really sorry if you live in Texas and have not seen two digit temps all month.  I'm from south Florida so I do get that.  But in a few months, I too will be begging for two digit temps.  When you start wishing for it to just break 10 degrees, we'll talk.  Until then, let's all just enjoy summer.  It's August.  And up here, that means it's our peak tomato and corn month.  So have a t'mater sammy and ear of corn on me and just hush up about your fall wishes.  It will come when it comes.  And please God, not a minute sooner!

* I often make myself a cup of coffee and then forget to drink it.  Often.  Like several times a week.  Which is why I try not to buy coffee.  Because it's less annoying when this happens with coffee I make for pennies at home.  But it's super annoying when I pay $4 for a cup and then forget to drink it.

* All of the weight I lost in the spring as found its way back home to my belly again.  Boo!  I need to get myself re-motivated.  Even just a few pounds gone made such a difference in my moral.

* Sadie had another seizure last night.  I was in the bathroom taking the lid off the mouth wash, getting ready for bed.  And I just suddenly knew.  I am telling you that I rarely feel God's presence in my life.  That's just me keeping things honest around here.  But God has been amazing to tell me when I need to run to my baby girl.  Seizures are silent.  I was in the bathroom with the door closed and Sadie was in the corner of the kitchen making zero noise.  And I just knew.  I threw the bottle and cap down on the counter and ran into the kitchen to her.  It was a weird one too.  They are not nearly as long as they used to be and actually it's been a while since she last seized.  But this one was just strange. 

* I have been thanking the good Lord all day for letting me be there with her to hold her and make sure she didn't hurt herself.  For that I am truly so grateful!  I cannot imagine if she was alone for those episodes and how she might get hurt.  I'm tired from being wide awake during normal sleeping hours, but completely grateful too!

* To end on a good note, I adore these two more and more!  They are such an amazing example of how to live a life with grace and class.  None of which is defined by bank accounts or television exposure.  They fly the equivalent of Southwest Airlines, just like the rest of us.  Our globe is full of fools who become famous for doing absolutely nothing in a reality show format.  And after two seasons, they demand to only fly private jets.  And here we have actual royalty who can in fact afford to fly more than an economy airline, sitting with all of the regular folks.  Because they consider themselves to be regular.  I love them and just think they are a shining example of how to be famous and fabulous without being vulgar and over-exposed.  How sad to see that acting nice and normal becomes a global headline due to the rarity of such actions.   



Unknown said...

great post!

I love to royal watch, and I WISH people (mainly the media) would give her a break for repeating outfits! She's a REAL woman! We wear things MORE than once... we do something to change it up a bit normally, but it's OK to wear the SAME dress more than ONE time!!

JMW said...

Amen, sista, on "The View." I think the show is an insult to women everywhere. And, anyone worth a salt would never be part of such a show. Hope your puppy is doing better - I'm sure that was quite scary.

Katiellirb said...

Poor Sadie! I hope she's feeling better today. You are such an awesome fur momma!! And I completely agree with you on The View - what a waste of air time. Also, agree with the Royals. I have been in love with them from the get go, and they never disappoint! I wish some of our "celebrities" would take the hint and display the same dignity and grace.

REBrown said...

I'm not a View fan at all. I find it so boring and annoying that I just can't stand it.

I hope little Sadie is feeling better.

XXX said...

I completely agree with you on the view. They all out speak each other leaving the audience confused!

Ruth said...

I completely agree about The View. I have lost some respect for Babs over her involvement with that show. I am surprised people still want to go on that show with as rude as they are to guests.


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