Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lost And Found

An update to yesterday's post...

Good:  I found the person.  They are alive.  And I assume well.  But for sure alive, because we spoke on the phone.  I am extremely relieved!

Bad:  I do not know if I believe the person's story.  I have more questions now than when this all started.  I am relieved that they are alive but even more worried about what lead to this situation.  The coming week should reveal more information.  I hope.  The entire ordeal is getting more confusing by the minute.  I want to believe the best but after my phone convo today...I am finding it very difficult to see the light.  Crossing my fingers that this is a humongo misunderstanding that will be cleared up soon.

Holy moly crazy!

1 comment:

Just Add Walter said...

glad you found your person. .... not sure what the story or circumstances were but.....

I once had a boyfriend (in high school) that would disappear for a whole week at a time -- turns out he was a cocaine addict - I had NO CLUE...I found out about this AFTER we had broken up (like a year later). funny how people can sometimes lead completely separate lives that you have no idea about.


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