Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Betty Saves The Day

So y'all should know by now that my Bestie is pretty amazing.  But beyond the obviousness of her Belle-like beauty and kind heart, she is super duper fantastic at crunching numbers.  Girl counts to ten for a living ... or something like that. 

She and her hub went through a major financial make-over a few years ago and it has really changed every aspect of their lives in a positive manner.  She wrote a bit more specifically about it here the other day.  But has now offered to send you a sample of her budget template too.  She is truly the nicest person like that.  So if you are even mildly interested in figuring out your finances this year, be sure to pop over to Buford Betty's blog and then send her an email.  This is an amazing offer for those of use who are less talented in the number crunching template figuring out aspect of life.


Jennifer said...

Thank your for directing us here! I just became a follower and left her a long comment. I am reforming shopaholic who is working hard to stick to a zero budget, so it is so helpful to me when other bloggers post things like this. Thanks again!

AJLinBoston said...

Interesting, thanks for sharing--heading over to your bestie's blog right now :)


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