Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Free Magazine

Another one I've never seen but I bet young kids would love a FREE TWO year subscription to Lego Magazine. 

Click here to sign your little one up. 

Oh and if you are worried about giving your name out, I actually use my dog's name a lot too.  Sometimes it makes me feel safer. 


Jayna Rae said...

Love the dog name idea!!! Do you thing they'll buy Frosty or Blizzard? Maybe the cat, Patches.

Susan R said...

Here's a funny thing. Whenever I use an alias name to sign up for something, I always know who has sold my name and info because I start getting other info with that alias name on it in the mail.
I always make up goofy names just for the fun of it. Let's see...I've used Pippy, Hortense, Gingermia, I could go on.


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