Friday, June 5, 2009

WP Realty Owes $600,000 And Is Cheerfully Refusing To Pay

**This is specifically for Upstate New Yorkers.

WP Realty, the company managing the Colonie Plaza, has NOT paid local contractors for the improvements to the plaza that were necessary for the opening of the new Green Price Chopper. Contractors have banded together to ask Price Chopper and the other businesses operating in the Colonie Plaza, as well as their customers, to pressure WP Realty into paying their bills.

Please call WP Realty at 1-610-522-6000 and tell them that their refusal to pay the contractors has added an enormous strain to businesses that are already struggling in this unstable economy. You may also email the contractors at and they will forward your comments to WP Realty and the plaza businesses.

My family's business is directly involved in this unfortunate situation. And if the matter continues to go unresolved, family members could easily lose everything from businesses to homes and then some! Let me also clarify, Price Chopper does not own the building. But by staying silent they are not helping matters. These contractors worked incredibly hard to make it possible for the new Green Price Chopper (and no- I have no idea what that means, but its what it is being called locally so I am just going with it) to open its doors. At the great expense of local families.

Please, please take a few moments today to make a phone call or send a brief email, encouraging (or begging!) WP Realty to do the right thing and pay up. In any economy, stealing services is wrong. But in the current economy, it really might be the difference between families with little children being able to stay in their homes or not.


Ginny said...

That's terrible, I hadn't heard about that... I'll call.

Erin said...

That is NOT cool. Those RPI kids are pretty smart - see if you can tap into their social sciences departments to get them to rally for the cause!



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