Wednesday, June 17, 2009

No Little White Gloves In New Jersey

Wow! Did y'all about fall over when you watched the finale of RHNJ?! First let me say that I am so shocked how much I loved watching this show. I honestly thought that it would be like the Atlanta show for me- watch one episode and decide it was just far too trashy for even trashy reality TV. But they totally grew on me, these Italian divas from the NJ! Jacqueline and Teressa remain my favorites. But really, I liked watching everyone except for Danielle. She should move to the Atlanta show!

I about died when Danielle took the time to show her children nekkid modeling photos. Holy TMI! And I really believe in education but there was just no need to show the youngest child her racy photos. Trash-ay!!

Also, how small is this town that there is only one hair salon in a rinky-dink tiny strip plaza?

And while I stand by Jacqueline in the whole, "I'm not lying just because we are in-laws" debate, the entire dinner was appalling! I mean, why on earth did Danielle even go. She should have let it all blow over before trying to get in with the girls again. And is she making $ from the book? Why bring it to dinner? By that time, surely they all knew what she was referencing. I hope all five women look back and are mortified by their behavior. Every. Single. One. Of. Them! I don't even know what the tossing the table accomplished, Teressa. You are the one who invited Danielle. You know she is crazy. And slutty. What exactly did you expect? The worst part of the event was that they all behaved so poorly and used terrible language in front of their children!! Teressa wants them out of the room but then causes the biggest blow up of the night. Not that she was wrong to confront Danielle's big bag of BS. Just the manner in which she did it, is my issue.

But of course, it all made for fabulously trash-tastic TV. I am drooling in anticipation of the reunion show next week! Sure to be deliciously juicy and confrontational.

In looking for the above photo on Bravo's website, I saw an announcement that Jacqueline gave birth to a baby boy. Good for her- she really seems like a sweet person. I related to her personality the most. And did you read that Teressa is preggers with their fourth? She dresses them too over the top for my taste, but she has beautiful daughters. And I have now taken to saying "bubbies" all the time. New favorite word.

All in all, it was far too short! I was completely entertained and they are now my second favorite housewives, right after the NYC ladies. While I think it will be fun to see the soon-to-be Chicago and DC shows, I also think it would be a hoot to see like RH some random Midwest or Central US city. Or farm town. My TV taste has truly taken a turn for the worse over the last few years!! Bravo to Bravo for bringing me down in life!!


Lis said...

Oh I cannot wait for the reunion!

I'm so glad someone else is now saying bubbies too.. lol!!!

And I am SO happy for Jac - she is a really great person and def. the most real and relate able!

Crystal said...

I haven't gotten to watch this one yet. I hope to catch them all on re-run or possibly On Demand. I LOOOOVE the housewives of OC.

Barefoot in the Park said...

i've felt the same way this season! i started to love them ... and i now say bubbies!

jlc said...

trashtastic is such a perfect word for that!


ok just for the record.. im a jersey girl here and we do NOT throw around dinner tables like that.. ever! or shall i say "eva!"


Love your blogette!

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, the show was outta control last night. Gotta love the DRAMA! LOL!

I also can't wait for the reunion. I'm bummed the season is already over, ha!

B said...

The reunion should be crazy!

And I keep hoping they'll do a Real Housewives of Boca or Miami or something...definitely an area worthy of the franchise, I think.

Misty said...

I think they should come to Redneckville to do a little filming...I was on edge last night watching the show, it almost made me nervous.

Gracie Beth said...

It is my guilty habit.

Seersucker Scrapper said...

Don't forget there is an unedited directors cut of the finale tonight.

Love those Jersey Girls!

AJLinBoston said...

I just watched last night and that was crazy! The producers must have "suggested" to Danielle that she take the book to dinner because why on earth would she do that, it seemed like Teresa invited her to make peace.

And Teresa's house - absolutely over-the-top, why would anyone want to live there: the living room was the size of a hotel lobby!!

BRD said...

I watched the last 15 minutes with my mouth wide open. It was too entertaining for words. I cannot wait for the reunion!!!

Preppy Mama said...

Oh I am so sad its over for now. What a train wreck. I thought it was tasteless that Danielle's children sat at the table the whole time. None of that should have gone on with the kids around, I feel sorry for her girls she is crazy!!

Jill said...

I was actually a little scared watching that show. Geesh. I think Teressa's thing was probably all the pent-up rage finally coming out. But, like you said, she invited Danielle. I loved Jacquelin, too. Anxious to see the reunion show!

Princess Freckles said...

I am completely addicted too! Cannot help it! Its just too entertaining!

Love that you're saying Bubbies all the time now! My favorite quote (which has been adopted by my fiance recently) is "Happy Wife, Happy Life!" LOL!

Marla said...

I was late on this one...I just stared watching about 3 weeks ago...but I love 'em! Such a fabulously entertaining little train wreck!

Little Bow Prep said...

I haven't seen this episode yet!

I saw one, and I'm rather hooked. I've seen the NYC one a couple of times, but I rather like the NJ one!

Suzanne said...

LOL, I really enjoyed watching NJ too. Definitely my favorite! Jacqueline and Teresa were the best, Teresa is a riot! Danielle was so annoying, way too self-centered. I hope they come back with a second season minus Danielle!


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