Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wave Your Red, White And Blue

Happy Flag Day! I had never even heard of this holiday until I moved up north a few years ago. In all my years living in southern states and even in the mid-west, I must say no one ever once mentioned Flag Day to me. Perhaps it's a regional thing? I don't know. What I do know is that it is all the rage up here! There are parades and music and hot dogs and confetti....the works. It's definitely a much much bigger deal than the Fourth of July in my particular city. My city is actually the Home of Uncle Sam (did you even realize he was a real person?) so perhaps that has something to do with it? Whatever the reason, I think it's a great little known holiday to celebrate with friends and family while watching a very long parade. The American flag is our most recognized and utilized symbol, afterall!


AJLinBoston said...

It's definitely an overlooked holiday! Here in Boston, we celebrate Bunker Hill Day this Wednesday, so Flag Day is usually forgotten.

Tippy said...

It is probably regional in its celebrations, but it's always been listed on June 14 on any calendar I've ever had. I've always lived in the midwest and I've never been to a flag day parade. Maybe it has to do with the Uncle Sam connection in your town?

Happy Flag Day!


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