Thursday, May 8, 2008

Springtime In Paris

I just finished the Paris in Spring swap and it totally surprised me. I mean, I knew I would have fun. I always do. And I have been a fan of my partner's blog for quite a while now. But the colors and theme are a stretch for me. At first I was a little lost- not at all sure what to make/buy/do. But then I found the aqua Eiffel Tower fabric and the black/beige fabric at my favorite go-to fabric maven, J Caroline, and I was off to Paris (in my head anyway).

Of course I made an apron. I'm obsessed. But I think it's pretty cute and hope it will find use as it is black on one side (so it is able to match pretty much anything) and the aqua Eiffel Tower fabric on the other side. And then I made a kitchen/bathroom hand towel to coordinate. And six coasters (2 of each fabric) because everyone needs coasters.

I found this aqua/grey toile fabric and decided that she needed a few travel-ready goodies just in case she is lucky enough to make a trip over to gay Paris this spring. A coffee cup cozy, tissue case and luggage tag. And for the rest of the warm spring and summer days spent at home, a can cozy and a ribbon belt with vintage jacquard ribbon.

For so crafty fun, two little bead kids, glitter and an assortment of ribbon (including some really pretty vintage jacquard- that's my fav!) in a black and white wine gift bag. And if you sense some similarities between my swap gifts for this swap and my last swap, well I guess that's what happens when I sign up for two swaps at the same time. I don't think I repeated too many elements though. I hope not anyway.

A few other little fun items. A mini pad and an aqua glass with a fleur-de-lis. I thought it might look cute with some flowers on it or something. Or a toothbrush holder? Pencil cup?

And as it was required in the swap to include some yummy goodies too, some puffy marshmallow twisty things and some French grey salt. I love using different salts- you can really taste the difference in your food. Oh and the cookbook (first picture) has nothing to do with spring or Paris. But I found it while thrifting and just thought it looked fun and practical.

Oh but I was over-the-moon delighted when I opened my package from Leigh Ann!! She was soo soo super creative and spoiled me rotten. Let's looky-loo, shall we? First, these two sets of aqua and black mini hat boxes filled with goodies.

The first set included this adorable apron that I have already worn, Sour Patch Kids (have I mentioned on here that I LOVE these? I don't think I have. Sour, gummy, sticky, sugary, MMMM!), aqua and black rick rack and an adorable little Eiffel Tower magnet.

The second set included an assortment of buttons in fun shapes and colors, black pom poms (I use this stuff like it's going out of style. Everything needs happy pom poms in life!) and black and white zebra print fabric that is waiting to be washed and used. I love it- animal prints are so in right now. I think it will definitely be used for a new bag. Maybe with pom poms too!

A journal that she made for me is one of my favorite items. It is already being used as an "inspiration" journal. If I find a cute idea in a magazine or if I have an idea to sketch out for possible future use, in the Paris journal it goes. An assortment of gift tags is genius. I can always use tags and these are sooo pretty! A black felt chandelier ornament, ribbons and a fab CD (already in my car) of Paris-themed music. Seriously- so creative!

Her note to me was in the form of this most adorable little book made from paper bags. I have seen (only recently though) a paper bag scrapbook but it used the full size grocery bags. This is beyond cute and sitting on my dresser because I just love it so much. Each page is different and little baby notes are inside the pages too.

And if all of that was not fabulous enough, a great (it's already been used) re-usable market bag and French-themed napkins and plates. I love love love everything!! Thank you!!


Kate said...

Looks like so much fun! I just love all the pink and brown.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe how creative you are! Holy cow Tasteful & Crafty & Talented One! I am gonna' stop writing here so I can go back and gaze at everything you did! :-)


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