Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One Tree Hill

Does anyone else watch One Tree Hill after Gossip Girl? Did anyone else cry when Brooke had to give baby Angie back? No, it was just me? Great. Well I totally cried. So sad. Nice of her but sad! And if Lucas picks anyone other than Peyton I will have to stop watching. Heck, that's not true. I'll still watch. But I really want him to pick Peyton.


Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

I LOVE One Tree Hill but I am secretly hoping that Lucas picks Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buford Betty said...

I've fallen off the wagon with OTH. I catch it randomly but I have no freaking clue what's going on. You need to catch me up!

KK said...

Oh, I love One Tree Hill! I think Lucas called Lindsey. Not because I want him too, but I think it would be too predictable if he called Peyton!?! Just my thought. I think he calls Lindsey and when the show starts back up they will be finished for good. And then next season will be all about Lucas falling in love with Peyton again and Brooke falling for the hot doctor!

Yep, I think about tv way too much!

McClure ELA 8 said...

oh my word- I LOVE OTH! I am PRAYING that he called Peyton- I am SO over the whole Lindsey thing.
AND- oh my word, is DAN DEAD!?!?!? i will (meanly) be SO happy!!

Anonymous said...

One Tree Hill comes on the all-Irish channel here in Dublin but I still watch it. I can only hope that Dan is now truly dead and Lucas called Peyton, with an outside shot of Brooke. If he called Lindsey I don't know what I'll do! Although I have to be honest, I've always liked Nathan more than Lucas... ;)


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