Saturday, May 10, 2008

Six Quirky Things

I've been tagged a few times over the last two weeks and I am only just now taking time to do them. But I will get to all of them- I promise! This tag is from the sweet Preppy Engineer. Six quirky things about myself....

1. I am a political junkie but James Carville scares me. Not his opinions, him. He scares me.

2. I am a polo shirt snob. Well, not really a snob. But I have very specific requirements for shirts that I will wear myself. Only two or three buttons. No fewer than two and no more than three. Therefore I won't even try on the JCrew critter polos because they have like six buttons. I am busty and don't want to deal with buttons-on-boobs. And the sleeves have to be long enough to not cut into my armpit. So again, it's a no-go for me with the Ralph Lauren slim fit polos. I just feel like I spend my entire day pulling the sleeve out of my arm. And, um, that's very un-cute.

3. I still remember and will gladly sing (in the right environment, that is) just about every song I learned as a child from church choirs, school choirs, sleep-away-camps, Indian Princesses and my college sorority. I can still do all the snaps and claps and everything else. I'm not even embarrassed by this.

4. I don't understand Bjork. I don't get the draw to the noise she calls "music" or the feathers and strings she calls "clothes." But she's popular. Other musicians love to list her in their favorite artists tally. Good golly, why?!

5. I love chairs. Hands down my favorite furniture. My favorite are wing back chairs but really, I just love chairs in general. I've been to art exhibits featuring chairs in far too many cities to mention.

6. I don't enjoy getting my hair and make-up done. I like getting it washed and colored. But beyond that, I find zero enjoyment. After I get my hair cut and styled I like to come home and take a shower and re-do it. I just feel all twitchy with tiny pieces of hair on me. Pieces so small that the normal person would not even know they are there. I am also pretty minimal on my hair product usage. And make-up, I hardly wear any. So anything more than that concealer and blush that I wear daily and I feel like a street walker. Which you know, it not the look I usually go for in life. The only time I have loved my make-up done by someone other than yours truly was at the Hawaii wedding in November. She did a great job.

I tag anyone who wants to play along...


Melly said...

Fun stuff! Thanks for sharing your quirks.

Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

Very Fun!!!I agree with you on the polos....they shouldn't be snug!!!!!

Kate said...

Totally agree about the polo shirt sleeves!

#3- me too! (minus the sorority and add girl scouts and when I taught pre-school)

The Mrs. said...

I don't get bjork either. What the hell is wrong with that chick?


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