Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Spa" and a Summer Swap

I went to the "spa" today for some spring time waxing and a massage. I am using quotation marks around the word spa because their website lied to me. It was not the tranquil atmosphere with zen, quiet sounds and lemon ice water that I had hoped for. And the wax job was not great. That is only half her fault though and really is half my own dang fault. I suck at asking people to correct things for me. Like if I am only 80% satisfied with a hair cut or something, I will just suck it up and then never go back rather than ask the person to fix whatever I don't love. I feel bad saying please do more or whatever. But if I was with you and something was wrong, you would think I was fighting for your life or something. I can be very assertive when it comes to helping you but when it comes to me (the hanger incident not included), I am not great at sticking up for myself. I just totally fear that I will hurt someones feelings. That's so wrong, right? Anyway, this place just didn't feel like a spa. It was more of a hair salon that expanded. Which is fine- please do not think I am a total snob here. But the website made it seem as though it was the traditional spa like atmosphere. I am trying to decide here what is too much detail. I'll sleep on that and let you know tomorrow if I am up to telling any more specific stories. Also, everyone (employees, not customers) was LOUD - so loud that I could hear them when I was upstairs in the middle of my massage. That annoyed me. But on the other hand, I don't fall asleep in massages. I love them but I am just not a napper. Unless I am really sick or something, I cannot fall asleep during daylight hours. So while I love being rubbed and such, my mind wanders.

For example, as I was lying there with my face in the donut hole cushion thingy looking down at the ground, I noticed the masseuse's shoes. "Not very cute but probably comfie which is good since she stands all day. But not like when Phoebe on friends had a pedicure and wore an ankle bracelet to "foot flirt" with her client. Why is it that friends makes me cry in hysterics now that it is off the air but I never much cared for it when it was on the air. Jennifer Anniston looked totally different in those first few seasons than she does now. Why does she get paid so much to be in movies? She's not that good. But she seems like a nice person. I wonder if it's true that she is dating John Mayer. Odd couple. Also an odd and disappointing couple is Derek Hough and Shannon Elizabeth from Dancing With The Stars. Ew. I know I claim that age is just a number but he is barely out of high school and she is in her mid 30's. Reminds me of that blond woman, Mary Jo, and that kid, Villie something, who finally got married after she was in jail twice and after having two kids with him......." And on and on and on. My mind never really stops. At one point I made the (daily) proclamation (but made it in my head since I was supposed to be relaxing and all) that I am fat and need to actually do that exercise stuff to lose weight and the whale blubber that I call my skin and body. Don't worry, these moments pass just as quickly as they come. Ironically after the massage my masseuse told me that I had awesome skin and it was a pleasure to work on me. Not really sure what she meant but hey, it's a compliment and I am old enough now in life to take those whenever they come my way.

Anyway, it was an odd afternoon but it ended on a good note so it's all peachy I guess. I just read that I Love Your Whole Face is hosting another preppy swap. Summer themed this time girls! Go to this post for details!


Readings, Recipes and Rambles said...

It stinks when you think you are going to a "spa" for a day of relaxation and you walk out disappointed.....I love massages but it drives me crazy if they talk through the whole thing....I'm with you and could not speak up...I would never be able to tell them "please don't talk during my massage"!!!!!
I am a huge fan of Jennifer's and agree....John Mayer?????? Very odd couple. I don't trust him for some reason!!! Definately excited about the swap...I signed up...its my first one!!!!! Cheers.............

Kate said...

You are so funny! I think you are being too hard on yourself w/ that daily proclamation though;) Attitude goes a long way & I am SURE that you are the only person in your life who looks @ your body & thinks "blubber."

Buford Betty said...

Oh how we are so alike sometimes. I have definitely gotten better about needing more on a haircut though since I'm paying an arm and a leg. The first massage I ever had hurt me. The dude was doing crap to my back that killed. But of course I just kept quiet. What is wrong with us? Sorry your "spa" day wasn't so spa-tastic.


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