Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the City

***Warning: Spoiler Alert!! Do not read if you have yet to see the movie.***

OMG! OMG OMG OMG! I LOVED the movie! LOVED it! I wasn't sure as it has been getting mixed reviews. But honestly I laughed and cried so much and oh I just thought it was excellent. The fashion was amazing. The shoes- oh how I wish I could walk in some of those stunning shoes! Yummy!!

OK, so I decided that I would have a very Carrie-like date with myself Friday afternoon. I headed out to our brand spanking new movie theater for the 1-something showing. Well I got there 15 minutes before it started and it was sold out. Which honestly surprised me seeing as how schools are still in session up here in the Northern USA. But I guess every other woman had the same idea as me. Of course....seeing as how it was a totally fab idea. So I bought a ticket to the next showing at 3 something. What's a girl to do when stuck inside a mall for two hours? Shop of course! I bought three cute dresses but I think only this one has made the cut now that I am home and looking at them in real light. Those stores lie to me with their yellow lighting and mirrors that play tricks on my mind. I need it for a more formal-ish dinner event at a convention for my volunteer organization in a few weeks. Can you tell from the picture that it's gold? It is. Any shoe suggestions for me?

So finally the movie is about to start. For a reason I will never understand I got in line to buy popcorn and Diet Coke. I never eat the bucket-o-popcorn because it makes me thirsty and drinking means I have to leave for two minutes to use the ladies room. A vicious cycle. But there I found myself ordering a medium of both. Um, it was ridiculously huge. Could feed a family of six for dinner. Such a waste. And such a bummer when I did, as expected, have to run out to use the ladies room mid movie.

This showing was only 1/2 full - hopefully just a reflection of the odd time. When the movie got out there were lines out the wazu of Upstate NY ladies doing their best Carrie look. Which was great fun for my people watching but a little sad to see how this look can truly only be pulled off by a chose few. I'm sorry but "mom jeans" (a la SNL) and chunky monkey heels and an oversized pink t-shirt just don't make the SATC cut. But "A" for effort ladies!

OK, so this post is not so much a spoiler but really I didn't want to accidentally ruin anything for anyone. I LOVED the movie. I want that Penthouse apartment. And the closet with the double doors. I cried when we saw Lilly for the first time. Heck I cried a lot in this movie. But I am a crier in life so this should not surprise any of my real life friends. The scene in the street with Carrie and the bouquet and Big and Charlotte holding her....OMG. Cried. Soooo emotional! And at the end when Big calls the girls to the courthouse....I loved that!

But I laughed a lot too. The Charlotte Poughkeepsie-her-pants scene still brings a giggle. The coloring conversation was too funny. And Samantha had me laughing a mile a minute as usual.

I really loved that the characters were exactly the same as the show. It was as if the show continued but I just forgot to watch. They grew and evolved but were still the same. If that makes any sense. I could have watched another hour- it just flew by too quickly. And it came to a neat and tidy ending which makes me believe that this really and truly is the last we will get to see of these four amazing friends. Sniff! Thank goodness for DVDs! Their friendship is truly what gets me. It is so real but so open. They tell each other when they are mad or hurt but they make up and really get over things. Such an inspiration!

There were a few things though that I didn't love. I think Lilly had about three lines in the movie. Not that I at all wanted it to be about here but it was hard to believe a three year old would be so quiet. And poor kid, her lines were "sex," "sex," and "again." My other complaint is Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's new assistant. Now I didn't see Dream Girls but she actually won the Oscar, right? I thought she was a terrible actor in this film. I could have acted better than her- and that is not saying much! I liked her character and the Christmas gift scene. But having her character there at all was really for what purpose? She sort of came and left abruptly. Which I could get over but acting was just so stinky. And the last has less to do with the film and more with I guess the production company. They leaked too many scenes. I felt like I had seen (not heard about but actually seen on TV) at least half the movie. And I watch very few of the late night shows and such the promote movies. Last night as I was in bed I watched E because I just went to the movie and wanted to hear their reports. They seriously played the other half of the movie scenes. That totally ruins it for me. I know it must be a fine line between teasing the potential audience enough to come spend money and giving away the whole movie. But other than the Big question- weather or not they end up together- I knew all the plot lines.

That being said, it was still an excellent movie and I will for sure buy the DVD when it comes out in a few months.

Cheers ladies!!


Brie said...

!!!!! The movie was seriously amazing. I just left a comment on Tipsy In Madras about how they really did justice to the series. I can see why in all their interviews they were at peace and truly happy with the film. We all laughed and cried, it was perfect. How amazing was Charlotte's story? :)

Flamingos & Flip Flops said...

I loved the movie too. I ventured to the 11am showing by myself. I cried a few times too...

the Charlotte/pants scene - hysterical!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is great to read that people like the movie; can't imagine how horrid it would be if everyone was disappointed or loathed it! I can't believe the theater was only half- full for your showing, that seems bizarre considering what we've been seeing and reading.
BTW, you *must* have been meant to go shopping ! The dress looks gorgeous! I bet it's stunning. Are you thinking sandal? Do you do the uber-high heel?
What a great post; it really gave a sense of what your date with yourself was like - that was cool.

The Pink Clutch said...

Loved the movie so much I am going again tonight. We dressed up and drank cosmos ... was a lot of fun!

BTW ... your package ships Monday. Sorry I forgot to ship it yesterday ... was in movie hangover!!

Lindsey said...

I cried at all the same scenes as you. Kristin Davis in the holding Carrie scene in the street gave me goosebumps. Love her!

Hair Girl said...

Are you coming to the JL convention in ATL?
It was so much fun last time it was here.

Buford Betty said...

I think a jeweled flat sandal would look fabu with that dress. And I loved the movie! Just got back actually from a Sunday matinee. Which cost $8 - seriously, the matinee?

Anonymous said...

It was great.

The Mrs. said...

I loved it and bawled my head off!!!

Muffy said...

I was totally crying through the whole thing too. HAHAHA! Starting with the credits. I was just SO happy! I'm a weirdo. I can't wait for the DVD either!!!!!

Muffy said...

I was totally crying through the whole thing too. HAHAHA! Starting with the credits. I was just SO happy! I'm a weirdo. I can't wait for the DVD either!!!!!

Stacy said...

Girl, I went by myself on Saturday to a 12:45 pm showing and it was packed! And I gotta say, the older ladies dressed in their "Carrie" best had me cracking up to myself and wishing I had a camera phone to post "don't do's" on my website!
And ditto on the J.Hudson crap acting - totally bad, and disjointed. I felt those scenes should have been with Miranda or Charlotte - not soul/love confessions to the new girl.
Overall though, I loved the movie and enjoyed every minute.

Cara said...

Loved the movie but what annoyed me was the product water and bagborrowsteal was enough to drive me nutz. Not really too many twists or shockers like SJP said in all the interviews she gave. Still a great movie though.


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