Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Proud To Be An American And Why I Have Gratitude Towards Twitter

If you weren't crying last night, you have ice cubes in your veins.  Last night was just breathtaking.  Swimming and gymnastics...I was screaming and crying and just overjoyed. 

Those little girls on the Fab Five gymnastics team were outstanding!  I am a big Gabby fan and she did not disappoint!  I heard someone on NBC say last night that no one gets to the top of the podium without working hard.  And isn't that just the truth!

And swimming.  I think Missy Franklin's smile is one of the best things I have ever seen.  She is just so sweet and fun and I can tell that she has the most amazing spirit!

Oh Michael Phelps.  I love him.  I know the US is all about Lochte because he's so pretty.  And he is.  But Phelps is just one of the most amazing athletes of all time.  I think it's spectacular to see how far he's come.  And to see how mature he is now.  And gracious.  And how he's learned to even have fun with the sport too. 

Now why do I feel thankful for Twitter?  Because it allows me to share this experience in real time with y'all.  When folks first hopped on the Tweet bandwagon, I was all confused.  Honestly I only got an account because Bestie said it was the only way she would announce she was going into labor.  (Not to be a stinker but do you know who did NOT use Twitter one skinny bit to talk about being in labor or having a baby?  She tricked me!)  But now I am hooked.  I love the real-time interaction I can have with stranger besties.  I think it honestly made last night even more joyful to be able to see how excited everyone else was too, instead of me home in bed watching alone at midnight. 

So thanks Twitter!  You improved a nearly perfect evening by adding real-time friend chatter in the mix.


REBrown said...

I was so excited about the gymnastics last night too!

Casey said...

I wasn't crying last night (except for the female USA swimmers wearring pearl earrings in the chlorine pool). The Fab Five were good, but that was only half of it because Russia & Romania were not their best. The announcer said Aly needed a 10 on her floor routine to still get a gold. Their max scores range from 15-16, and Aly need a 10!!! She could've fallen on her head 2 or 3 times and they'd still've gotten the gold. Swimming doesn't thrill me. What really gets me screaming is the beach volleyball.

Nelle Somerville said...

Isn't it just the BEST?!!! Glad to find you and thanks for the comment. Love Amy Mac! Friend me on Facebook so I can remember your face!

Beth Dunn said...

I love twitter too. And such pride in our athletes! Go USA

Annie said...

I love those gymnasts! They are amazing athletes and so passionate!

Buford Betty said...

Oh yes tweeting through TV shows is so fun. My phone never worked in the hospital! Sorry, bestest. I was completely offline for 3 days. Not a bad thing!

BroncoMom said...

The Fab Five are just that FAB-U-LOUS!
Missy Franklin is just the cutest sweetest young lady. Who can resist that sweet smile and wearing pearls?
I may be THE only gal is the US who doesn't think Lochte is IT. I know, I know :/ Humble pie wins it for me Lochte!

Ruth said...

I was upset it had been given away on the news sites. But I was still on pins & needles watching. It is another exciting Olympics for the USA


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